MIGS Panel Asks: Is the Wii Really Broadening the Market?

At the 2007 Montreal Independent Games Summit, a panel of industry experts brought together A2M creative director Patrick Fortier, who also worked on 'Myst IV: Revelation' and 'Splinter Cell: Conviction' in the same capacity at Ubisoft, joined Ubisoft creative director Clint Hocking, Beenox creative director and A2M vet Thomas Wilson and EA senior producer Oliver Sykes to discuss the implications for content in this latest generation of video game consoles.

How important are graphics and realism? Has the Wii changed the industry forever? How has next-generation technology raised the bar for content -- and will it drive the development of real emotional experiences through gaming? The panel enjoyed lively discussion and debate on these issues and more confronting a new era in gaming.

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wiizy4734d ago

all you have to do is be alive and able to hear all the news about senior citizens and non-gamers picking up the wii to know that its broadening the audience

SomeAnalyst4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

not only can kids master ~8 intuitive actions in kids' games, experienced gamers can master ~25 actions in 'hardcore gamer' games. That opens up great flexibility in tactics during challenges. Plus no need for auto-targeting to prevent play from slowing to a crawl.
That quickness and flexibility advances 3D gameplay for everyone. Maybe if Nintendo had kept the name Revolution there would be less talk about people's grandmas.
Anyways, 25 intuitive actions beats 10 randomly placed action buttons, and a pointer beats an analog stick.

littletad4734d ago

Considering the fact that retirement centers and hospital recoveries are using the system, I'd say yes.

PSWe604734d ago

I think the Wii has done a good job of making a new audience play bad games. Before it was a joy stick and 8 buttons, now you can just wave your arms at a bad game