Are Pack-Ins Past It?

RPGSite takes a look at Nintendo's decision to include a game with the Wii, and see what others - core gamers, casual gamers, game journalists and even non-gamers think of it.

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Sphinx5850d ago

I'd buy Wii Sports anyway, and who wouldn't if they really thought about it? If you have friends, parents, or older family members, there isn't a better game to get them playing!

Krimson5850d ago

I wouldn't buy Wii sports but it's a nice pack in. I like the fact that the one pack in will give us a bunch of different games to play that show off the various features of the remote. I'll probably be buying Zelda and Red Steel with my Wii and those aren't as interesting to show off to friends and let them play.

PS360WII5850d ago

Yeah I had it on my to buy list. So I can just scratch that one off anyways. That's what it is a party game. Now don't get all upset but I like the fact that Nintendo thinks you'll accually have people over and want to play games instead of telling your friend to go home so they can jump on their own console so they can play together...

clayton5850d ago

I'll pick one up when I can walk into a store and get one.

jiggajayp5850d ago

I`ll definately be getting me one this winter!

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