2007 - Year of the Wii, 2008 - Wait and See

Media market analyst Screen Digest predicts that in the console wars, Nintendo will win 2007 "convincingly," with a nod to "the market climate [changing] significantly" in 2008.

What changes (or starts to) in approximately 15 days? "Whereas in 2007 Nintendo has succeeded in expanding the appeal of the Wii to different consumers, including more females and older consumers to drive adoption, Sony's pipeline of exclusive content and the launch of multi-media services may result in a significant uplift for the PlayStation 3 in 2008," said Screen Digest's senior games analyst Piers Harding-Rolls.

Matt Peckham of pcworld disagrees:
"I've said it before, I'll say it again: Don't hitch your horse to the hardware only. Microsoft's beating the snot out of Sony and Nintendo in software sales and keeping apace, relatively speaking, with Nintendo in U.S. console unit sales. Software, software, software. I can't say that enough. If you sell a bazillion consoles and snap up a bazillion developers but only sell the same one or two games in volume, you're essentially sitting on an extremely popular paperweight."

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Rama262854733d ago

The problem the Wii has it's not a real next-gen console and so not everyone includes in the race. I mean, it doesn't even have a DVD player, so it's hardly last-gen lol I guess you do have your very well implemented motion controllers and that is sort of next gen? I also don't believe any of the 'hard core' gamers will choose a Wii over an 360/PS3 as their preferred system.

I think it's easy to say that 2007 was the year of the Wii in terms of sales, and it isn't exactly showing signs of slowing down so I don't see why it wont do the same in 2008. But it wont get the recognition since it's not part of the console war in some peoples eyes...

ChickeyCantor4733d ago

"I also don't believe any of the 'hard core' gamers will choose a Wii over an 360/PS3 as their preferred system. "

they don't have to, even when they buy it as their second( or third) console sales will increase.

Prismo_Fillusion4733d ago

Exactly Sidar!
I bought my Wii last year, and figured I'd decide on buying one of the other two systems at a latter point. At that time the 360 was still having huge RROD problems and I refused to deal with that, and the PS3 was dealing with its lack of good games - so it was the wise decision to just wait. I knew the Wii would have all the classic Nintendo franchise games coming out in the future, as well as some great 3rd party titles; and I knew that it'd be a lot of fun when I had people over.

I don't regret my decision at all...and I look forward to owning a PS3 come Winter/Spring '08!

ChickeyCantor4733d ago

i feel the same, waiting for some final versions of all consoles!

Zhuk4733d ago

The Wii is a garbage console with garbage games, it has no future

ChickeyCantor4733d ago

resistance is futile zhuk.

eddierivera4733d ago

but you have to admit that the ps3 and xbox are far supierior when it comes to graphics and games. The wii has some good games too, but they far from next gen. The wii makes a great substitute when you wanna take a break from the ps3 or xbox cause of the innovation,, it makes you feel like you are actually playing something other than a lame system. Its really fun, and thats what matters,, the sad thing is that everyone is buying this over the ps3, i could see people who own a wii finally figuring out they arent getting their moneys worth and buy a ps3 for 50 bucks more,, (if you have a sony card, or a 20 gig from toys r us). You get more for your buck if you go sony all the way,, like the man said above,, it doesnt even play dvd's,, and not to mention no voice chat,, that right is the main reason to go online, talking to your friends makes it double the fun,,, i think they know that though, honeslty though, its a piece of crap compared to the real next gen systems. Also, i think another reason why everyone doesnt buy the ps3 or xbox is cause, most of america cant afford the ps3. Its not that its a prefered choice, but its a great gift, and its way cheaper then the other ones, right? lol, I bet if people stop buying drugs and cheap hookers more people would be buyin a ps3.

Monteblanco4733d ago

Most Wii owners knows that their consoles' graphics are not as good as the ps3 or the Xbox 360 and they don't care. They believe gesture controls are far more immersing than high definition graphics, which, to most people, is not that important as Wii graphics are good enough to most purposes.

As surprising as it may seem, hardcore gamers are only a minority portion of the gamers. Even so, I know a few that freed themselves from the graphic centric view and now admits that some games with poor graphics are actually good.

wiizy4733d ago

to me its plain and simple...if you're a sony fanboys that like to diss every other system cause they are crushing your system in sells. you're in for more the wii will sell even better in 08 with better and bigger games.

ChickeyCantor4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

people on this website think i'm this N-fanboy, but i cant believe people don't even say anything about you.
you must have that magical spark in your eyes........................

anyway, its a bit hypocrite because you also tend to bash the PS3, but i agree all people claiming that they are "hardcore"( also 360 fanboys full with hatred towards the Wii) might bleed from being oblivious if the Wii-sales wont slow down next year.

but lets just see how it goes.
i personally don't give a flying F*ck if Wii loses it will have some great games eventually just like the Gamecube.

Laexerias4733d ago

Tell me one of this Bigger and Better Games. Most of the Games are also available on PS2, besides the First Party Games.

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