Next-Gen's Best 30 Games of 2007

They're calling it the best year ever. If so, which games really made it one to remember?, the online home of Edge magazine, picks out and ranks the best 30 games of 2007.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Is Over used incorrectly.

Anyway glad to see they Included God Of War 2. Everyone seems to forget about it!

caffman4733d ago

read it first. The site is next-gen. Hence the title

FCOLitsjustagame4733d ago

Not really impressed with the list.

And should PS2, DS and even PC items really be on the "next gen" list. I mean normally that means the next generation of consoles i.e. PS3, 360, wii. PC is almost Always next next gen - its always a few steps ahead of the consol and the PS2 and DS arent they last generation console\handheld?

Blademask4733d ago

Current Gen = Ps3, Xbox360.

Why do these idiots keep using next gen, hell I even catch myself using it.

And it makes my brain hurt a little.

CrazzyMan4733d ago

There are only 3 real nextgen games available todate.
Ratchet - the game, which is most closest to pixar animation.
GT5:Prologue - the game, which most closest to reality/CGI.
Crysis - the game, which most closest to reality/CGI.

And since PS4 and x720 are not available, PS3 will be a nextgen till new consoles come.
When there will be atleast announce of launch of PS4 and x720, only then PS3 will become a currentgen.

Monteblanco4733d ago

Not sure what you're saying regarding the handhelds. Both the DS and the PSP are current generation. Last generation would be the Gameboy Advanced.

MK_Red4733d ago

Like the rest of Edge, NG stuff, terrible. Assassins and Mass Effect at 15 and 16!? BioShock at 3!!???

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