The Best in Horror Gaming

As part of an elaborate preview and review of upcoming and previous releases in the horror genre, gameplayer have devised a questionnaire that will help you determine which game is best for you.

"To assist your quest for the perfect evil twin to your horror gaming, we've prepared this questionnaire, which we ask you to complete before shambling to the butcher's counter to make your final payment."

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lynx1halo4735d ago


MK_Red4735d ago

OMG, Awesome one. Definitly agreed. That game was really fun. A next-gen games based on that will rule. GTA meets Dead Rising :)

OOG FunK4735d ago

yea a gta/dead rising hybrid would be sweet....travln across the city trying to find people and find a way to kill all the zombies...etc...that would be so hot...i wont why it hasnt happened yet?

SilPho4734d ago

There appear to be some problems with the article, it looks as though Page 6 is missing. They make references to 20 games, but they only name 15 games. Anyone else noticed this?