IGN Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review

Who said that epic and expansive fantasy RPGs had to have subpar gameplay? For as much as I absolutely adore games like Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim, gameplay in those titles simply didn't live up to the amazing standards set by their superb settings, narratives and quest structures. In Fallout 3, VATS was simply an excuse for its inherently clumsy combat, and for as much awe as Skyrim instilled in me, in-game fighting is sloppy. Good news, then, that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has come along.

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Pintheshadows4517d ago

Shiningly positive review. Excellent.

torchic4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

yeah very positive review. towards the end I thought he was going to give it a 9.5

Captain Qwark 94517d ago

id be inclined to think it was a ten based off the way he describes it lol the few things he knocked it for are irrelevant to me so i think ill be very pleased when i pick it up Tuesday :)

HammockGames4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

Loved the demo.

Seemed to me like a fantastic hybrid of Torchlight (combat) and Elder Scrolls/Dragon Age (scale & story) - a couple other favorites of mine.

Legion4517d ago

I finished the Demo and was less then impressed. I was interested in the title until the Demo got into my hands. As it is now I doubt I will purchase the game... if it hits bargain bin then I might think about it.

Right now I am waiting for the Dragons's Dogma Demo to come out to see where that is going to be placed in my next game to purchase list?

Spydiggity4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

it's hardly like torchlight. It's more like a God of War type of combat. Except you get to control the camera with your right joystick and you roll with B (circle).

Midnight purchase!

Raf1k14517d ago

I'm guessing he made the Torchlight comparison because he played the demo on PC where you have to click repeatedly to attack which is very much like Torchlight. I can see the similarity in it too.

I'm actually looking forward to playing this as combat for all styles of play seems to be really good. I was surprised to find combat with a staff to be much more than point and shoot which made me feel like playing a spellcaster for a change.

ProjectVulcan4516d ago

I only played the demo on PC, so i was surprised to read about technical shortcomings from IGN, because on PC the game is extremely easy to run, i don't think i saw the framerate ever drop below 100FPS all the time i played that.

HammockGames4516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )

@ Vulcanproject

Indeed. Ran absolutely great for me without any hiccups.

And if I'm not mistaken the demo did not support SLI whereas the full release will (I believe that was mentioned in the release notes that accompany nVidia's latest beta driver).

jeseth4516d ago

Nice. Sounds like everything Dragone Age 2 SHOULD HAVE been!

Can't wait. Been looking at this game for a long time now. ..

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Kos-Mos4517d ago

Do you believe reviews from ign?

Pintheshadows4516d ago

I read the text, not the score.

lugia 40004517d ago

It starts well. Glad I have KoA on my steam inventory :)

Dark114517d ago

No thanks, i don't trust IGN.

Godchild10204517d ago

This is the one time you should I have had the game for 10 hours so far and I'm very please with it.

Godchild1020 on PSN. If you don't have a PS3, you can also go to the Sony website to see my trophy list or head to any of the trophy websites.

SwampCroc4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

37 Platinums.... I believe whatever you say.

you gotta be a gaming journalist or something right?

Godchild10204517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

Not really. I work for a video game store and I write trophy guides for a few sites; PS3trophies.org, trophiesonPSN.com and YourGamerCards.net. I have 37 but some of them are Disney games that I tried and ended up enjoying and end up writing guides for them.

I've been playing this game for a good deal of time and only encounter framerate issues with more than 6 enemies on the screen when I was doing multiple moves at once; magic and other attacks. I have been using the Shepard armor (5 pieces from the online pass) its the strongest armor in the beginning of the game and the chakrams. The chakrams helped me from dying a lot.

I also want to ask, have you ever had a game that you couldn't or didn't want to put down, but you had to because you had to go to work or school? This game has been like that for me and I haven't touched the main quest after getting to Gohart(the first town in the demo).

My only real grip is the camera, it's not always behind the character and I've missed a good deal of fate shifts.

You might ask "why are you not playing and if it's that good how do you have time to type this?" I'm on my way to work and using my phone to type this and if I didn't need money I would have stayed home.

Another note: This will be the game to make me miss Valentines day with the Girlfriend. I will still be getting Twisted Metal with the flowers, except they will be delivered.

SwampCroc4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

I myself am a disabled veteran and no job... I go to college.. but I'm only in 2 classes this semester.

I get paid a check for disability and they pay me more while I'm attending college.

so I don't work and I game all the time. I was just curious.

I added you on my list.. it's Jaybizzle311. I think what you are doing is cool. I wish I had the skill to platinum more games. There's a bunch that are super hard.

but yeah, I know what you mean about not being able to put a game down. I'm reliving those childhood memories through some of the HD collections as we speak... and also the Back to The Future Episodes 1-5 that I got via PS+ I found myself very hard to stop playing.. those were so fun and true to the universe of what is BTTF.

I am also getting KoA and Twisted Metal.. But I'm getting Kingdoms for my Xbox. not any reason. just trying to use both my systems evenly.

padz14517d ago

Really good score, but i'll wait for more reviews.Need to see if its consistently good.