Video of the PS3 in action

The video is a bit cranky, so you have to click on it first, wait a few seconds, and then click on the play button.

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Captain Tuttle5856d ago

But it really is a good looking machine.

Karibu5856d ago

Thanks for PS3 pr0n ;D
Best looking console ever.

RuffRyder5856d ago

Why didnt they show what game or demo the ps3 was running on the display???

TheMART5856d ago (Edited 5856d ago )

So where was the action? I again only see the case with some led lights. Why don't they show the monitor/tv?

Man it could still be an empty case with some ledlights on power, put out by Sony to please the waiting fanboys to not worry about the production...

Show something, get it real, gimme the good news!

And well design beautifull or not, that's a subjective thing. I actually don't see the beautifullness of and the half part where the media has to be put in... Well. But that doesn't matter actually. I have seen enough cases, gimme the demopods in the shops with Resistance and Motorstorm

Captain Tuttle5856d ago (Edited 5856d ago )

It's so shiny! (;

coolfool5856d ago

Most of what he says is a bit too biased to be considered but this time he is spot on.

I voted lame on this arctical because it offers nothing. I mean is there really anything exciting about a plastic box with and led on it?

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The story is too old to be commented.