Toy R US still have 20 GB PS3 @ $299?

Just when you thought the 20GB Playstation 3 were gone forever it appears Toy R US may still have some in some of there stores and they're selling them for $299.

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Brian52474735d ago

Crazy. That's half of the initial price of PS3.

Rice4735d ago

Wow, a blu ray player and a gaming console for 299, thats crazy, seems like a better deal than the 299 xbox 360.

Bladestar4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Actully it's not comparable since both consoles do not offer the same thing... heck.. not even the same online network... What if I want to play mass effect and other games not available on the PS3? That's like telling a person confusing Japanese people with chinese just because many people from the west can't tell the difference between them...

Now, I can tell you that this is a better deal than the other PS3 SKUs... specially the $400.. since this one has BC.. and you can swap the hard drive for a bigger one... heck... I think this is a better SKU than the $499 SKU.. since it does hardware emulation.
If anyone wants a PS3 they should get this one... since it's better than the other two.

Rice4735d ago

There both gaming consoles, even if they dont have the same features, people want to get a better deal, thats what im trying to say, of course there gonna be different but which console can you get more out of for the price. Note the word "seems", "seems like a better....", i didnt put the words it is, in the sentence...

xplosneer4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Bladestar I don't know how you got all those disagrees, even I agree with you.

BTW those pics SUCK, the 20GB is literally as shiny as the other models. I should know(I have one).

GIJeff4734d ago

youve just proved how insane you are. He was talking about the deal of getting a next gen game console + blu-ray player for 300. Thats a hell of a deal... What if someone does not like Mass Effect or Halo? What if someone wants GT5, Uncharted, R&C, Warhawk, FF13, MGS, GoW, KZ2, HS, Folklore, Motorstorm, Little Big Planet, Home, Free Online, etc, etc, etc? Theres been like 5 xbox games that are supposedly worth mentioning in the past 2 years. 3 of them are also on the PC(and much better on the PC). Whats the point? Face it, Blu Ray is winning the war, in fact, its already won it. Xbox isnt going to give you that. Xbox will give you 50$ online, unreliable hardware, and no HD-DVD or Blu Ray built in. HD DVD has lost, and the 360 is following suit.

MikeGdaGod4734d ago

but i don't even know why you even bother trying reason with him

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etownone4735d ago

wow, if ps would bring back the 20 gig at $299, the 360 would be doomed

Xemnas4735d ago

360 is already DOOMED! doomed

undacovabrothe4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

ummm hmmmm 20gig toyrus still has... they should just raffle them. No1 wants those i wouldnt buy it if it was 300 dollars at launch and the 60 was 600. Has no wireless only 20gig cant do shyt with 20gigs and doesnt look as sexy as the 40,60,80 gig with the metal piece. Also it missing the sd slots.

But hmm yea maybe ppl would buy it for 300 dollars.... who knows almost as cheap as 360.

FamilyGuy4735d ago

My local Kmart actually has one of these as well but they cant get rid of it because they havn't changed it's price from $500...

Dumb move. The 20Gb model is missing something, I'll have to look it up, but the 80Gb model IS superior because of that thing. It was either wireless/card-readers/somethin g that i wanted.

Baron794735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

It's missing wireless networking and any card reader ports. Niether a big deal IMO. If you just want to use it to play PS2 and PS3 games, it's perfect, great deal.

actas1234735d ago

But u could get a usb wireless driver from amazon fro around 30 dollars if not less.. Its a real bargain..

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