Major Franchise" Announcement for XBLA Soon

Hidden away in the text of a Microsoft announcement today was a rather interesting mention of a major new Xbox Live Arcade deal, scheduled to be announced in the coming weeks. The press release, outlining Live activities around both the Tokyo Game Show and X06 simply says, "There will also be a brand new Xbox Live Arcade title launch each week, one at Tokyo Game Show and one at X06, including a never before announced major franchise making its way onto Xbox Live Arcade."

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calderra5855d ago

Considering XBLA already got Street Fighter, I truly wonder what this could be. Sonic? King of Fighters? Metal Slug? Who knows!

THAMMER15855d ago

Duble dragon I,or II. Or punch out the NES versiopn or the SNES version would be fine. Or how about MK1, 2,or 3. Or how about unlimited XBLA games for a year at $30-$40.00.

Ravenator5295855d ago

They must be making changes to the official XBox website. It has been down all morning. It probably has something to do with the vision camera being released today.

Steve5195855d ago

if its a remake, I don't know. We already have a lot of retro games, we need more independent ones. But I did hear about this a week ago from an inside source so I do believe it

willud4skins5855d ago (Edited 5855d ago )

come on marvel vs capcom or tnmt!

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