Twisted Metal musings from an ex-Vigilante 8 fan

4Player - "You simply don’t get that same feeling from Vigilante 8, which has destructible environments but never utilizes them in such a way as to make the levels nearly as modular as they could be. There is, instead, a static quality which never seems to relax its grip on the design, and results in the levels seeming overly rigid. I hate to make it sound as if this is an attestation of a lack of creativity, but this overarching problem winds its way throughout all of Vigilante 8, and in a way it seems as though Luxoflux felt really awkward thinking outside the box. Even the quirky characterization of the cars seems to have been developed in such a sophomoric way, that in comparison to Twisted Metal they just come of as timid and banal."

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h311rais3r2453d ago

Vigilante 8 was amazing! The Roswell level with the aliens and the giant Rollin donught was awesome!

Blacktric2453d ago

I still play the Arizona level of Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense once in a while. Damn... even the title sounds extremely cool. Those were the good old days when Activision was still publishing great games...

NeoTribe2453d ago

Was a truly amazing game in the day. They had a semi rig with a huge trailor dammit. LIGHTNIN!

torchic2453d ago

funny story? on one of my birthday's as a kid, a friend of mine gave me his Vigilante 8: 2nd Offence as a gift. he missed it so much that he offered to trade it for his version of Twisted Metal. I refused.

game also had a great soundtrack. I still play "Stargazers" to this very day :)

Cra2yey32453d ago

I remember getting Vigilante 8. I was little but I knew it looked like Twisted Metal and ended up really like it. Bought the sequel too. I wouldn't doubt a new gen of it would be better then current twisted metal. It's so different.

FinaLXiii2452d ago

Twisted Metal - 80´s
Vigilante 8 - 70´s

Love both series.

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