Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of December 16th

US Game

* MX vs ATV: Untamed

EU Games

* PlayStation Eye & EyeCreate

Asian Games

* FIFA 08: World Class Soccer
* Medal of Honor: Airborne
* Time Crisis 4

Keep in mind that your PS3 is region free, so you're able to import any of the above titles if you wish to do so. Release dates are constantly subject to change, so call ahead before you leave the house.

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MK_Red4735d ago

The PS3 / 360 videos that I've senn of MX vs ATV: Untamed so far looked really weak and dated. Hope good gameplay can make up for it.

Edwin19894735d ago

The demo was weak too IMO :)

tethered4734d ago

I agree.
Very weak. I played for about 15 or 20 minutes and lost interest.

Clinton5144735d ago

Not so hot but then again, I got all I need to hold me down for the holiday season.

brocool4735d ago

my next purchases will be Haze and GT

Baba19064734d ago

cant wait for omega. thats gonna rule my world.

MaximusPrime4734d ago

im from UK and was surprised to see that PS eye will be released this week. Times certainly flew by.