Spin to win: Microsoft and Sony talk NPD results

Joystiq writes, "There you are, beloved reader. Blessed are the words that attract your attention and become cornered by your inquisitive corneas. We have plenty of them lined up for you in this celebratory article which examines the post-NPD press so gracefully released from the dwellings of Microsoft and Sony. In short: the holidaze have brought out the best in everybody, with giant corporations joining hands and prancing around a gigantic pile of cash, shaking the very earth with their financial frolicking."

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Danja4736d ago

Everyone did well in November..good for them


Xemnas4736d ago

you got 12 Disagrees for saying PS3 FTW lol man you got to love dying fanboys.

Danja4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

all you have to do is just laugh at how ignorant they are....I prefer the PS3 FTW..

The 360 doesn't do it for me..PS3 has all the games i've been enjoying over the years so why switch...

Little Big Planet FTW..!! it's a PS3 EXCLUSIVE also XBOTS

Zhuk4736d ago

Microsoft doesn't need to spin the results, Sony had to with their laughable 'percentages', they didn't want to release real sales numbers because it shows the PS3 still selling poorly even after another price cut.

StupidTeenagersMust-4736d ago

I'm not a math wiz or anything, but it outsold the Wii in Japan for most of November, has been selling 100K each week in Europe, and 100K a week in the U.S.

Add that together, they probably sold a good 1 million PS3s just last month. They probably even outsold the 360 worldwide, which is crazy. Maybe you're just not easily impressed? =/

Damphear4736d ago

again sales dont mean any thing if the product is crap and has a big failure rate.

and crack sells more than any thing else but does that make it better no.

you xbots and your sales charts. wow you have nothing to say any more

wallace10004736d ago

I am pretty sure the "xbox has a huge failure rate" is old now. As far as i have read the problem has been fixed. I haven't heard of lots of dying 360s recently. Time to get a new argument to fall back on?

PS3PCFTW4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

butbutbut, BUT it rrods and its been out for 2 years.

seriously its pointless answering the xtrolls.

just ignore them and by this time next year they wont exist, theyll be dead just like hddvd and the xbox360.

Damphear4736d ago

wallace1000 you say you dont see any more.

i've seen many kids daily post vids on youtube and you can get the phone records for the ms hotline and theres about 200 people each day that have there xbox die.

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BIoodmask4736d ago

trying to spin anything is Sony. Both Microsoft and Wii sales were far more impressive than the PS3s sumbers. As were the monthly sales increases from October compared to November.

I believe this part of the article sums it up best. "a 285% increase over the previous month's sales for PS3." There's no question -- this is good news for Sony. Unfortunately, the manufacturer's just knocked down a wall in a neighborhood being utterly flattened by the competition's wrecking crew. The system did enjoy the "biggest October to November sales increase of any hardware platform," but only in terms of percentage. In terms of actual units sold, the PS3 actually had the lowest increase between October and November -- a rise of 345k compared to the Wii's 462k and the Xbox 360's 404k."

When companies start using percentages instead of hard numbers they are trying to hide something.

Peekay4736d ago

Sony has 45% of all software sold in the industry on all their platforms vs 55% sold by Microsoft, Nity and the PC put together.
Spin that

- /Oh noes - the ps3 got outsold by the 360 in Nov. I am now going to go and trade in my ps3 for a 360/ end sarcasm - no one cares.

@ Rick James below - Bloodmask has a fangirl club.

Rick James4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

All 3 console makers are selling well in the US right now. The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the most important sales period for the US. We all know this. Question is what will sales look like after the new year? Will we see price cuts by any of the 3? Is this just a holiday sales surge only to be followed by the slow sales we saw at the end of last year?

I'm really looking forward to see what 2008 brings us. 2007 has been fantastic. Competition FTW.

Edit: Wow I got a disagree the moment I posted this. Was it something I said? Seriously the children who go around hitting the disagree and taking bubbles without giving a decent response need to leave this site. Theres no need for that. If you disagree have the balls to say why you disagree.

Edit: 4 disagrees and counting. WTF??? Why do people sabotage on here?

Edit: 10 disagree's. For what? The truth? The truth is all 3 consoles are selling better now than at any other time of the year. It's the holiday season, did we expect anything different? I dont care about percentages, total sales, etc... It is what it is. I only own a 360, but even I can admit that the PS3's sales numbers are good. And the Wii is selling like hotcakes and would be selling even more if they could produce more units.

Danja4736d ago

haha maybe you should check out the "NPD Sony's Reaction" post and you will see ppl who says anything good about the PS3..with 30-60 DISAGREES..

Btw I agree with what you said..everyone did good in November and im sure the sales numbers will be good for all in decemeber also..

DJ4736d ago

But what the hell is up with Zhuk and Bloodmask? All they ever say is "Sony this, Sony that." If they can't handle PS3 selling half a million units in North America for one month, what are they going to do when December rolls along?

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