'Wii 2 won't have hand controllers'

Leading microchip manufacturer Intel believes Nintendo's successor to the best-selling Wii console won't come with hand controllers.

"We imagine some future generation of [Nintendo's] Wii won't have hand controllers," said Justin Rattner, the company's chief technology officer.

"You just set up the cameras around the room and wave your hand like you're playing tennis."

Ofcource any of the 3 companies could also use this technology, not just Nintendo.

According to Business Week, the firm is keen not to miss the opportunity to get involved in the next generations of games systems after it was beaten to it by IBM for the current models.

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Grassroots4734d ago

seriously, just give me a controller let me play. I understand it appeals to a casual market, but playing games for about 18 years with a controller, this stuff just doesn't work very well for me, nor does the Wii itself. Still own one yes drunk Wii Sport, Brawl when released, SMG, and Zelda. That's really it.

Jinxstar4734d ago

me to but I got metal slug anthology and rayman...

MikeGdaGod4733d ago

then it will be able to do what the PS3 already can. PS Eye anyone?

TANOD4734d ago

Wii is a complete joke. It is 1/10 as powerful as the x360 and perhaps 1/50 as powerful as the ps3.

I simply dont it . Why do people buy wii without any games when there is PS3 and X360---those are atleast next gen consoles with next gen games

TheSadTruth4734d ago

Whatever console Nintendo makes after the Wii, it will bomb GUARANTEED. If they choose to make a 2nd iteration of the wii, the casual market will NOT be adopting it. The first wii is a fad and if they release ANOTHER motion sensing console nothing is going to change, the casual market already has a wii why the hell would they need a newer one with the same gimmick? If they try to compete with Xbox 3 and PS4, the same thing is likely to happen as they will continue to get MINIMAL 3rd party support.

Nintendo should become a 3rd party publisher after this generation. They can bring their creative and incredible titles to real consoles.

allatain4734d ago

the Next Gen console the nintendo makes will have to have the same Processing power as the next gen PS4 Xbox720
this is because the simple fact that Sony has already incorporated some sort of motion detection in its console, the SixAxis, its only a small jump to reach the operability of the wiimote for Sony even in this generation of consoles.
Sony already has a game with the ability to track the pointer of a gun to the screen, Time Crisis 4, which is an ok game,

ChickeyCantor4734d ago

" Leading microchip manufacturer Intel believes Nintendo's successor to the best-selling Wii console won't come with hand controllers.

so don't take it so seriously, actually i believe they will keep the GCN controllers.

not all games are playable with motion controlling ( games like Super smash brothers or any other game like street fighter just wont work with motion)

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The story is too old to be commented.