Shackcast 23: November NPD, Doctored Killzone 2 Shots and More

Shacknews writes, "ShackCast 23 features Chris Remo, Chris Faylor, and Nick Breckon--but where's the ever-scatalogical Steve Gibson? This web 2.0 broadcsat contains a twist worthy of M. Night Shamalamadingdong. You will just have to listen yourself"

"In the news, we touch on Activision and Harmonix squaring off over Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers, the NPD industry sales data for November, Killzone 2's doctored screenshots and the practice of altering screenshots, and the arrest made through Call of Duty 4 on Live."

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allforcalisto4734d ago

people still going on about these screens?

the sad thing is, that when you see the footage of KZ2 at GC 07 it looks pretty much exactly the same as the shots. Yeah they did some sprucing but to give people a realistic impression of the final product. I'm sure it'll look exactly like that.

this issue has too much wasted focus on it.

Zhuk4734d ago

Sony has to be the most dishonest gaming company out there, they lie about everything from the power of their consoles to features and now they are in the business of doctoring game photo's to make them look better.

Is there anything this company won't do

Rybnik4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Yeah, uh huh...well all companies doctor screens a bit. I've seen the gameplay vids and they are close to this good.

Now, about that PS3 no power comment....I guess this vid cap I did from a recent GT5P GAMEPLAY clip is a figment of my imagination.

Note, this is only to to point out the sheer idiocy of your claim that PS3 has no power, not to imply that these INSANE graphics automatically=perfect game/ millions of sales, etc so don't even think of trying to retort with that notion. Bye bye now troll.

Mr Tretton4734d ago

Every company doctors screen shots.

I have determined through advanced research that you the biggest moron in the world, and are not fit for breeding.

segasage4734d ago

I don't see how you compare all of those games to the gears of War style type of game & visual style.

What a bunch of buffoons on this site.

1-Uncharted : drakes fortune
2-Unreal tournoment III ps3 version
3-Ratchet & clank future : tools of distruction
4-Heavenly sword

What a joke, I bet you all of those games put together would does not equal Gears of War sales. Or with Halo 3 put together and others. Gears was a killa title it sold consoles. Can't say the same for your list there. Xbox wait for a killer title and hey jump all over it and buy. sale number don't lie.

KZ2 looks good but I got a feeling its too good to be true "the practice of altering screenshots" Fake in game early on now fake screen shots. can't wait..

mighty_douche4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Sales dont equal Quality.

Sales equal good marketting and a generic middle of the road standard unoffending game. aka, Halo.

Sales figures mean nothing to gamers, they're for cooperate exec wanna-be fanboys like yourself, giving you something to brag about as if its some form of personal success that you obviously lack.

Bombomb4734d ago

you mean to tell me everyone that buys a game in the millions is tricked?

If that's the deal then most top selling games have been conspiracies..

Sales yes do not equal quality but there is always something there beside the marketing, maybe word of mouth that gets people buying games. Of course the numbers just don't say quality.

my point was a killa title is a killa titles for whatever reason it sells, it not just always marketing. If I buy a game and I'am quite dissappointed , Im not gonna say go out and buy it, so if 70% of gamers that buy a game don't recommend it then the game just won't sell that well, or as expected.

So there is a lot that goes towards to sales. The game might not be 100% quality in every aspect but it is doing something very well. I don't care what game it is if it sells like hotcakes, then there is something there of quality. Wahtever console it is on.

Hype, marketing, promises, potential can only take you so far..word of the mouth and soemtimes reviews go along way.

karlostomy4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

YOU SAID "Sales dont equal Quality.
Sales equal good marketting (sic) and a generic middle of the road standard unoffending game. aka, Halo."

Well... your argument explains the success of the ps2.
How many fanboys proclaim SONY's quality and use 120million ps2 sold as their main argument?

hmmm food for thought methinks...

prone4734d ago

What an idiot.

Even if we were to look past your spelling mistakes and poor grammar, your argument makes no sense at all. Half those games arn't even out yet.

Try do even a little bit of research before you make stupid remarks.

Repeat years 1,2 and 3 while you're at it.

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zuhk, i guess you werent ontrack, cause ps3 isnt a console, and the visuals of ps3 shows sony hasnt lied about the visuals of ps3, as a matter o fact in e3 2005 it was more of an understatment of ps3s power, so where are you son

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