Reckoning has over 200 hours worth of content, dev wonders if they overdid it

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has well over 200 hours of content, the developer has revealed.

Speaking to Strategy Informer at a recent EA Showcase Ian Frazier, the game's Lead Designer, mentioned how a recent content completion playthrough clocked in a high amount of hours.

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SnakeCQC4261d ago

yoou guys over did it with the drm too i hate entering codes! which is why i didn't buy it

mynameisEvil4261d ago

Man, talk about DRM. I downloaded the demo, started it up and realized that I had to LOG IN TO MY DAMN GAME to play it. Seriously? Logging in to a single-player game? I realize that this isn't the developer's choice but rather EA's, but it's ridiculous nonetheless.

Oh, and it didn't work. Graphical problems made it unplayable. FANFRIGGINTASTIC.

GhostofHorizon4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

I started on PS3, and I could bypass the login section.

The problems with demo have been adressed in full game. I heard there are almost no bugs.

Demo has tons though, still getting the game.

Neckbear4261d ago

You know you can just press "Cancel" at the login screen, right? That's not DRM, that's just to attach those silly extra items for playing the demo with your account.

mynameisEvil4261d ago

Holy crap, I could've canceled out of that?

Well, DAMN.

Regardless, I couldn't play the demo, so I'm hesitant to get the game without knowing how I'll like it. I guess I'll try what I did with Serious Sam 3, which is to pirate it and buy it if I like it. :/

ConstipatedGorilla4260d ago

@ mynameisEvil

Why don't you RENT it and buy if you like it. I hate media pirates...

Saladfax4260d ago


I had the same thing (assuming you're talking about the black screen), but it was fixed by turning off post processing in options.

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GribbleGrunger4261d ago

you didn't buy it because it's not released yet and my son played it offline. EA insisted on a demo and it wasn't THQ that provided it

Baka-akaB4261d ago

Fat lots of good this kind of intrusive drm did , it's already iso available for at the least the 360 ...

Bladesfist4261d ago

DRM is to keep good people good. As the witcher 2 showed it is extremly tempting for people to just download and hit play. If you make it slightly harder to pirate, the numbers drop significantly. There will always be piracy

Snookies124261d ago

These guys seem full of themselves... Is that just me? :\

GhostofHorizon4261d ago

Guess we will know once the game comes out.

Aloren4261d ago

It depends... how would you feel if your favorite 1st party studio from your manufacturer of choice said the same thing ? If you'd think they're full of themselves too, then it's not just you. If you'd like it, then yeah, it's just you ;)

wynams4260d ago

I concur. A visit to their forums, where any remotely critical view is met with rampant fanboism will confirm this. Curt and the mods hold no punches to retaliate/ban or otherwise censor.

The veiling of House of Valor as a reward for new purchasers put me off. I am skipping until gamefly blows out their copies.

aviator1894260d ago

I don't know yet, but the demo was an absolute blast.

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jaymart2k4261d ago

Will games like Little Big Planet 2 & Trials Evolution have infinit hrs so take that EA.

Also it's gotta be good. I thought it was Fable for a sec but with worse charcters & voice acting from the demo I played.

Bladesfist4261d ago

so does every game, pong, snake. However ammount of content and user generated content help alot

steve30x4261d ago

I would love a GTA game with 200 hours gameplay.

Snookies124260d ago

I went well over that on San Andreas... o_o lol

wynams4260d ago

You're killing it today snook. Props

Snookies124260d ago

Haha thank you, thank you. :D

phantomexe4261d ago

I played the demo on the ps3 and had know trouble but i never played to the end of the demo but id say i was near it. The game kind of cool but i tryed to get my wife to play it because she loves rpgs and she wouldn't ofcurse i think she is still pi$$ed about skyrim which we are still waiting on the patch. She can't get out of the companys house it goes black screen.

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Looking Back at Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

Do you remember the good old days, when video games put fast hack-and-slashing combat sequences and extensive levelling systems first and a deep narrative with memorable characters second? BigHuge Games certainly banked on gamers holding some kind of nostalgia for those titles of yore with their fantasy RPG Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning.

DacO2155d ago

Best action rpg of its generation. Loved it.

Soulst0rmer2155d ago

This deserves to be on Switch