One million PS3s pre-ordered?

Statistics are always intriguing and Blu-ray fan site, has an interesting statistic for us: already more than one million pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 have been made. "Sony also showed their PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console, which drew a lot of attention as usual and with over one million consoles pre-sold the demand is not an issue", wrote the site in an article detailing the IFA 2006.

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Ravenator5295856d ago (Edited 5856d ago )


OutpostCommand5855d ago

You see 360 fanboys..whine all you want, but the fact is PS3 WILL sell out within (a) hour(s). No matter what happens.

TheMART5855d ago

Funny Sony fanboys.

This is FAKE

No pre-orders have been taken yet. Damn funny as hell

God of Gaming5855d ago

the 360 sold out within an hour... i tried about 10 stores as early as possible. So not sure what your point is.

Watapata5855d ago

There have been preorders, Toys R' Us as well as a few other places has PS3 preorders about a year ago.

calderra5855d ago

Nearly all major retail chains have not started taking pre-orders yet. Wonder how this million came about... other bits:

-There will only be up to 400k at launch, yet 1 million have been pre-ordered so far? AND most major chais (Gamestop) haven't taken a single pre-order yet? People expecting a launch unit need to grab a gun and at least two knives.
-I've got a PS3 pre-ordered so I can sell it on eBay. How 'bout you?

OutLaw5855d ago

I was going to write the same thing. Who are these places taking pre-orders? It's sure not Gamestop/EB.

THAMMER15855d ago (Edited 5855d ago )

I asked about PS3 pre orders, and it was funny because the clerk said he asks corperate every day. All they tell him is Sony has said nothing. With the console launching in Nov. gives them 60 days to manufacture and ship. We are in for a crazy Nov. and Dec. When they are taking 360 in Aug. 05 the list was crazy like this too. I think they shoyuld take pre orders any way just to give people a since of owning one. My 360 was pre ordered on 08/16/2005 and recived on 12/09/2006. I was so happy I won that mountain dew 1 360 every 10 min I GOT MY 360 11/19/2005 3 days before anyone. contest I did not know what to do but sell the one I got in DEC. I think Sony should offer the same thing.

beans5855d ago

I really want to see what PS3 has to offer at TGS to make a decision on wether or not to get one in the near future! For what ever reason I find it disturbing to read these type of stories where fanboys try and hype up there favorite console just to prove a point that nobody else even cares about! I don't care if Sony comes in 1st or last this generation because all I want are good games and they wont see one dollar from me unless they show me they do have some on the way!

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