PALGN Gives 8/10 To Unreal Tournament 3

Players weened on the slower-paced combat found within most recent popular shooters will find UT3's twitch mechanics a learning experience in itself. To a lesser degree, so will UT2003/2004 veterans. Let the record show that the series has never cared for contrived attrition, with UT3 taking that mantra in line with the original UT. Containing both a single-player "campaign" of sorts, along with its meat and potatoes multiplayer mode, UT3 above all takes pride in its near ludicrous sense of shooting anything and everything that moves.

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TwissT4736d ago

The more I read about this game the more I want it! AAHHHHH!

wangdiddy824736d ago

ps3 owners need to buy this, uncharted, and ratchet.. 3 of the best games this year

paracardium4736d ago

UT3 is amazing gameplay and graphics wise and must have..
bought all the ones listed above and even bought orange box and the game isn't close to being as bad as some are saying so don't believe anyone about orange box.