Christmas Buyer's Guide - Playstation 3

Jeremy Jastrzab writes, "After dominating the console wars for the best part of a decade, Sony has seen more bumps along the way then the Titanic with the Playstation 3. However, unlike the aforementioned vessel, the PS3 is still afloat. Rumble, hardware concerns, Home delays, and removed backwards compatibility aside, the machine has still done okay and some have even been murmuring of a comeback. And while in terms of games there have been some disappointments and some delays, there still have been a few games that will please the faithful. Here are a few of them that were released exclusively on the PS3 this year."

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Baba19064738d ago

Good list, not only becouse i have those games( dont have EoJ). but becouse this are the once i most enjoyed.

stennexxx4737d ago

UT3 can be added to the list . For Christmas the PS3 is looking really good.