Two new Gundam Unicorn PVs

With the latest Playstation 3 Gundam title edging closer and closer to release, we're starting to see a lot more media related to the game. This week, two new promotional videos for the game have been released.

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Xof4513d ago

Holy shit this game looks awesome. Like a cross between ZOE2 and Encounters in Space.

I'm really looking forward to the battles with battleships. they look a lot of fun. And were my eyes deceiving me in those videos, or was there battle damage?

Shame there's no multiplayer, though. Senki was awesome.

4513d ago

When DLC Runs Amok and Loses Control

Kotaku: In Japan, one company has embraced the DLC business model more than any other: Bandai-Namco. To anyone who has ever thought a piece of DLC was a bit pricey would be screaming in rage if the Japanese prices for Bandai-Namco DLC were to become the norm. Click through the gallery to see some of the most egregious offenders. (Prices in yen have been converted to dollars.)


Gundam UC Videos: Cover Actions and Delta Gundam

Andriasang writes, "We have two videos of Gundam UC today, one showing cover actions, and the other showing the Delta Gundam Mobile Suit that's included in the first print run version."

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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Adds Full Armor Unicorn Gundam For Free

Siliconera writes, "While Tales costumes are paid DLC, extra Mobile Suits for Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn won’t cost you a single yen. The PlayStation 3 Gundam game will have free downloadable content. Famitsu announced one of the suits coming post-launch is the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam."

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rdgneoz34493d ago

Nice to see Namco actually being nice to its fans.

hellvaguy4493d ago

At first when I seen unicorn suit I thought it would be some wierdo anime porn thing where the horn was strategicaly placed front and center in the full salute position.

Hicken4493d ago

How could you possibly have thought that?

hellvaguy4493d ago

Well I was half joking, but when I seen the title of the article it was wut I was thinking since theres so many perverse anime movies.

r214493d ago

that gundam looks overpowered.....i like it