Fudzilla - 5th PGR title is said to be likely

Problem is that it might not be for 360

Sources are whispering to us that Microsoft has already commissioned work on a Project Gotham Racing 5 title. The company is apparently planning to take the wraps off this 5th entry in the franchise at E3 in June.

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BlmThug3588d ago

Cant freaking wait and I hope its a Xbox 720 exclusive

gamingdroid3588d ago

I would be sorely disappointed if a new Xbox isn't revealed at this year's E3!

Agent_hitman3588d ago

Is project gotham a Batman game rip-off?. just asking

sxbrady3588d ago

Its a racing game.... pgr3 was my bitch for a year!

lzim3587d ago

No, in this case Gotham refers to "New York" or Metropolitan which was the predecessor to PGR, just as Gotham in Batman is based on New York.

From wikipediaorg:
"Gotham, a nickname for New York City, first used by Washington Irving in 1807 in his satirical periodical Salmagundi"

"Why is it called Project Gotham, where did the name come from?

The first in the series was "Metropolis Street Racer", Metropolis being the generic name for a large city (for which the series is mostly set) but is also the name of the city from Superman.

For the next game, though, Bizarre codenamed it in keeping with the alternate meaning of MSR, and referred to the city in Batman - Gotham (which is also an alternate name for New York which is featured in PGR). Project Gotham Racing was only meant to be a codename for the game, but was pretty unique and cool so was kept as the official title."