Will the Next Generation of Consoles Be the Last?

The gaming industry as a whole continues to see substantial growth, boasting estimated total sales to increase by as much as 10% annually through at least 2015. By then it would be well over a 100 billion dollar industry, but don’t be surprised if consoles as we know them today have faded out of the spotlight. Nintendo’s Wii U is expected to launch late 2012 and the speculation mill is turning surrounding the next gen XBox and Playstation. While technological advances have led to exciting new capabilities in console design and performance, they also make it increasingly difficult to market a system as a “unique” product. This and other factors will only increase the console’s obsolescence in the coming years.

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PC_Enthusiast 2451d ago

The Playstation 5 will happen!!!!

SweatyFlorida2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Dude, Sony has already planned the Playstation 9!

SilentNegotiator2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Dreamcast: 11 M
PS2: 154 M
Xbox: 24 M
Gcube: 22 M
Total # of consoles sold in 6th generation: 211 M

Total # of Handhelds sold in 6th generation: 90 M

Ps3: 62 M
xbox: 66 M
Wii: 95 M
Total # of consoles sold in (Not yet completed) seventh generation: 223 M

Total # of Handhelds sold in (completed) seventh generation: 212 M

Demand for handhelds has skyrocketed, and consoles have also gone up.

Give up on streaming and DD overtaking hardware and physical media. The amount of data in games will continue to rise and graphical demand will continue. The world is ILL EQUIPPED for the necessary data streams required, and will be as demand rises and the phone companys' "secret weapon" continues to not be installed in even all urban environments.

Least Common Denominator, people. The cheapest console sells best 9/10 times. The most accessible console sells best 9/10 times. Do you really think big companies are going to say, "yeah, let's start a service that relies on technology that isn't readily available to the majority"?

And do you think ISP providers are going to drop limits....just because?

"Cloud" is too perfect, because people who think it's prime to overtake hardware within the next 2 decades have their heads up in the clouds.

jony_dols2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Maybe, maybe not.

Cloud gaming is still in it's infancy, so that might render current hardware obsolete once broadband infrastructures worldwide catch up.

Who could have predicted modern day smartphones 10 years ago, back when phones barely had polyphonic ringtones? It will be nearly a decade away. So making predictions in technology that far down the line is kinda pointless.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2451d ago

cloud gaming is only viable for handhelds in my opinion. Vita shoulda been cloud based.

Half-Mafia2451d ago

Cloud only gaming is so far away, maybe 20-30 years. There are people out there that still dont have the internet, let alone thinking of having a 50mbs connection. Im a very tech savvy guy and the best broadband i can get is 5mbs.

dark-hollow2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

"Cloud only gaming is so far away, maybe 20-30 years"
Wow wow there, you are underestimating the fast pace of technology.
there's already quad-core smarphones coming this year.
advanced amoled displays, tablets, powerful multicore laptops, unbelievably fast broadband speeds.
technology today is way more advanced than it was in only 10 years!!!

And it only will accelerate through the coming years.

jony_dols2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Onlive at the moment can be played with a connection as low as 1.5mbps, whilst a 5mbps is recommended for full HD gaming.

South Korea has an AVERAGE connection speed of 13.8mbps, whilst even a country such as Romania (which has a relatively low GDP) has an average connection speed of 6.8mbps. Broadband infrastructures are continually expanding & improving worldwide every day.

20-30 years is wildly inaccurate. Maybe in Mali or Somalia, but certainly not in most of the developed or developing world (aka the main gaming markets).

klecser2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

"Once broadband infrastructures worldwide catch up" is easier said than done. All tech companies care about is your money, not what we're actually capable of doing.

4G, for example, is the biggest scam in the US. Engineers have a very specific definition for what qualifies as "fourth generation" technology. US Cell phone companies lobbied the hell out of Congress (because ya know if you have money you can get any law passed that you want) to re-define "4G" as what engineers recognize as essentially a watered-down, slower version of their definition. Like, an order of magnitude or two slower. So, with that new definition, they can continue to use the crap infrastructure we have now but re-brand it as something fancy and new.

So, all of you tech hipsters out there that think your "4G" is all boss are paying extra for something that really isn't as fast as it could be for the next generation. Congrats on being duped.

And that is part of the reason why cloud gaming, as cool as it could be, is still a long ways off. All it will take is just a few people getting dropped mid-game or not being able to access the streaming when they want to game for it to blow up in everyone's face. Techies never think about practical application issues like that, it seems.

As a science instructor, the other thing that people conveniently ignore in this discussion is the impact of variable cycling solar flares on satellites. Eventually mother nature is going to catch up to our dependence on satellites and an extended outage will piss the hell out of people. Often? Not really. But enough to really anger people who want instant 24/7 access to streaming.

Khordchange2451d ago

um no they will just incorporated with other medias, like what they are doing now. Its like saying the ipod is dead because its on the iphone.

Rageanitus2451d ago

ummm depends how onlive does... honestly that is not exactly flying!

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