Super Stardust HD gets secretly updated

PS3fanboy writes: It seems that the Super Stardust HD upgrade pack that is "coming soon" is already available, in one form or another. Delete and re-download the game from the EU PSN Store and you might notice a few new, exciting features. Unfortunately, the game seems to have disappeared from our download list so we had to buy it again. A separate pack will hopefully be made available soon. We've been exploring the new version (2.02, according to the credits) for a little while and are very pleased with what we've found.

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Antan4734d ago

Brilliant game, especially considering its a downloadable title!!

bOOmStiCK4734d ago

So if you want to enjoy this you need to redownload this but in the article they said it disappeared from the downloadlist so I have to rebuy it again if I erase it now?

FamilyGuy4734d ago

But if you wait till it's officially released maybe this problem wont happen. Like the regular version will still exist and there will be an update if you want it, like normal. But FIRST-TIME buyers will be getting to full package from the gate.

Relcom4734d ago

Yeah i agree. Wait til its offically released. No worries that way

TwissT4734d ago

This game looks interesting I might consider downloading it...if its free lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.