Unleashed: Naughty Dog's Evan Wells on Drake's Fortune

As GameSpy gear up for next week's award ceremonies, they take some time out to chat about the impact of Uncharted with Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells.

GameSpy: What, in your eyes, has been the biggest misconception about your game?

Evan Wells: Probably that Uncharted is a Tomb Raider clone. It comes up all the time and it really couldn't be further from the truth. I understand why people are ready to draw the comparison but once they play the game they quickly realize that the games are very different. There are so few games in the classic action/adventure genre that when you hear that the two games both are about treasure hunters, you assume the games will play similarly. But the characters are very distinct and the two games emphasize very different styles of gameplay.

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PStriple7034736d ago

People need to go buy this game it's amazing, don't let this wonderful game slip ps3 owners. It has so much replay value(i played it atlease 5 times already)we need a good single player game and that's what this go buy!

Kain814736d ago

with Evan Wells.
He is right, and the game is MORE THAN AWESOME. I hope they work on a Sequel

v1c1ous4736d ago

about uncharted.

let the damn game go.

yes it was a good game.

yes it bombed on ps3.

move on already jeesh.

PStriple7034736d ago

if the game doesn't intrest you don't post....

tk4736d ago

And even before it is out a month yet, not through the festive season yet - and you are ready to proclaim that it has "bombed". Wow. This is game that will sell over a million in two or three months. Lets talk after February if it did not reach 1 million by then.

BlazeXXL4736d ago

incredible game. Loved the story, the characters, the gameplay. It was perfection.

Well, i got my singleplayer experience of the year, back to warhawk :P

Towers4736d ago

Would love it to come to the 360. Shame it's not done great on the PS3, hope sales pick up for it.

TwissT4736d ago

Agreed people have to buy this great game, but Sony has to do some mad advertising so the sales can pick up

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