14 Lego Batman screenshots

Batman riding, Batman fighting, heads chopped off.. and even some models. See the 14 new Lego Batman shots.

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ps44735d ago

looks fun to me just aslego star wars

lynx1halo4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Batman > superman.....Batman > spiderman.......Batman = Greatest Superhero EVER.......FACT!! .....and if you disagree then you know nothing of comic book heroes .....

.....very true Relcom...Wolverines storyline is almost as dark as Batmans...

Relcom4735d ago

I like Wolverine almost as much though.

bOOmStiCK4735d ago

Screenshots are horrible but if it's as much fun as the Star Wars games then this is a game you should at least play once.

phoenixtilt4735d ago

yeah the pics suck.. were they taking with a cell phone

clevernickname4735d ago

I realize that it is largely a kids game, regardless they need to increase the challenge. My ten year old nephew got bored playing the previous incarnations of Lego Star Wars; they were just too easy.

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