Pinnacle Games: 18 Games that Define Their Genres

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines the word pinnacle as "the highest point of development or achievement." Which brings GamerHelp to the point of this article: Detailed within are GameHelp's picks for the titles that represent the "highest point of development or achievement" for their respective genres. These pinnacle games are titles that any gamer can safely point to as the shining example of how a game can, and should, be made. If more titles tried to reach the high bar that these games set, the world would truly be a better place.


The 18 genres are: Action, Adventure, PC RPG, Console RPG, RTS, MMO, TBS, Sport, Racing, Single-Player FPS, Multiplayer FPS, Puzzle, Casual, Fighting, Shoot 'Em Ups, Survival Horror, Rhythm, and Light Gun.

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allatain4735d ago

There wouldn't be games like God of War if there wasn't a DMC

TwissT4735d ago

Well that maybe true but like the article says God of War practically perfected the action genre

allatain4735d ago

interactivity, when in boss sequences you have to tap X or O to continue the incredible cinematics but if you have ever played DMC3, you know that that game perfected the ideas of hack and slash genre

TwissT4735d ago

Ahh Chrono Trigger that game brings me way back.

tk4735d ago

Way back in the days when we programmed Mainframe computers (you know - the ones with the 20MB disks in the size of a washing machine, tapes, green screen terminals - with the awesome IBM keyboards?) we used to play a text adventure game called: Zork. It goes like this

>>. You go North. You see an elf.
>Hit Elf
>>. You hit the Elf. The Elf hits you with his sword. You are dead.

And then you restart... wow... things have changed.. and kids wine about some textures in a game... Spoiled... Totally

ambientFLIER4735d ago

It defined xbox live multiplayer for 1.5 years, until gears of war overtook its #1 spot.

bootsielon4735d ago

Is way overrated. "Honorable mention"? It doesn't deserve honors. If you put attention to the storyline, it's very similar to FF6's. Magitek = Shinra (evil corps). Sephirot = Kefka (failed experiments). Espers = Ancients. And so on and so forth...

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The story is too old to be commented.