Tech2 reviews Uncharted - 9/10 . "Best PS3 game"

It is time for a take on Uncharted from an international perspective . The indian website applauded Naughty Dog's efforts and this is what they had to say :-

"To sum up, if you own a PS3 you owe it to yourself to buy a copy of Uncharted. While it may be pretty short, with limited replayability, and have no form of multiplayer, it's a solid action adventure in the vein of a true masala flick that'll keep you entertained for (around 8) hours."

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TANOD5408d ago

cant wait to play it on my new 56" LED DLP

kurochi5408d ago


Why did you buy a DLP??? That's a dying technology. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's good......

Gaystation 35408d ago

If this is the best game. I would hate to see the worst.

PStriple7035408d ago

I don't think it get worst then 640, for the biggest game everyone beens waiting for, not even true hd....sad

PStriple7035408d ago

but it's multi, people brought a 360 for halo....when you think of the 360 you say halo. It got delayed a year for 640? lol sad, and that's wha people have been waiting for

Panthers5408d ago

Wow no reason to hate a great game. If you have a problem with the PS3 then whatever. It doesnt make any sense, but no reason to hate a game. You guys are just so retarded.

TwissT5408d ago

Hey never seen you hear before I guess n4g has a new xbot fanboy.

Violater5408d ago

just hit the divide sign beside his name and the rest is automatic.

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PimpHandHappy5408d ago

Uncharted Unreal COD4=Happy gamer

#2 should lose his bubbles just 4 his name and the fact he doesnt own a PS3

I would say COD4 and Warhawk are the best PS3 games for my taste but i own Uncharted and im going through it twice becasue it was so good.

I guess if i had to make a top five list it would go like this

#1 COD4
#2 Uncharted
#3 Warhawk
#4 HS-I love KungFu WuSho films

with a nod to Unreal Motorstorm and HVB

rootEXT5408d ago

are both 600 1d1ot, go back playing to your xbox 1

TANOD5408d ago

However Halo 3 plays at 640p on X360 and roughly contains 1/10 as poly as UNCHARTED on PS3

KZ2 will contain 100x as much poly as Halo 3

BlazeXXL5408d ago

after playing this game, i really cant stand seeing people bashing this game. I mean, this game is amazing, and for once i actually kept playing and playing to see the story unfold. Never really had that in a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.