Q&A with Sony U.S. games chief Jack Tretton, extended version

Dean Takahashi and Troy Wolverton of San Jose Mercury News did a Q&A with Jack Tretton, the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America in Foster City. Here is an extended version of what they are running in the newspaper. This is a long interview with many direct, tough questions and exclusive answers. Some of the topics include:

• Tretton's view of how the year have gone for the PS2, PSP and PS3.

• His response to the suggestions that it's been a disastrous year for Sony to go "from no. 1 in the console business to no. 3 in the next generation consoles," and the predictions that the Wii has won this generation.

• His response to the comments that the PS3 is "getting wiped out in Japan, losing share in Europe, and behind in North America [and] worldwide," and being outsold by Wii five-to-one.

• His comments on the on-going format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD, and Sony's history of losing format wars.

• How much he thinks the $400 price and Wii shortage are going to help Sony against Microsoft and Nintendo this season.

• His response to Activision CEO's comments that the Xbox 360 and PS3 ought to go down to $199 by next year to compete with the Wii.

• Sony's sales projection for the PS2, PSP and PS3 for this fiscal year.

• His thoughts on how different events like E3 and GDC have gone for Sony in the past year.

• An update on the Home initiative.

• His thoughts on big PlayStation titles that slipped this year.

• If he thinks Sony has made a better launch decision compared to Microsoft, which did gain from the first-mover advantage.

• His response to the speculations that Sony went to third-party developers and asked them to stick with Sony, and that developers would characterize Sony as being arrogant in the past.

• What Sony is doing to retain developers from moving to the Wii.

• What he thinks will affect market shares from this point on.

• How Sony plans to close the gap between the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

• If he thinks consoles are taking customers and MMOs away from the PC and taking over the living room.

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TANOD4734d ago


A: Sure. We expect to sell 33 million pieces of hardware across the three platforms. And that breaks out to 12 million PS 2s, 11 million PS 3s, and 10 million PlayStation Portables, and then we don’t break out software, but our forecast is 250 million units of software across those three platforms.

Q: And are those worldwide numbers, and that’s shipping numbers, is that right?

A: Worldwide numbers, and they’re sales, not shipment numbers.

Q: OK, but sales meaning that’s how many you get into consumers’ hands? Or does that mean you consider it a sale when it goes to a retailer?

A: We consider it a sale when it goes to a consumer.

Q: And that is for March 31?

A: That is correct.

Q: So Jack, that’s not Christmas numbers, that’s year-end numbers.

A: That’s correct. By the end of our fiscal, March 31, ‘08.

Meus Renaissance4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Well Sony have always maintained the figures they release in this context have always been SOLD to customers. Not shipped, not sold to retailers, which brings an interesting perspective to the whole industry as we don't know if Microsoft or Nintendo do similar when announcing their figures.

Great interview anyway.

ktchong4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

For Nintendo Wii, units shipped = units sold


Nintendo is actually selling "rain checks" for Wii, so their units sold are actually more than units shipped.

Darkiewonder4734d ago

even with the raincheck?

I mean, it would only make sense if they people HAVE the Wii in hand rather than a slip of paper. because what if they get 2 million "raincheck" but won't have them completely distributed until the end of 2008 but in their fiscal year report they count those 2 millions as being sold? ;o but hey, it's still be sold.

I want my paper receipt now lawlz.

Meus Renaissance4734d ago

I don't doubt that, but what I mean, is this company policy or a consequence/result of the unprecedented demand?

Liar4734d ago

I can't believe your eating the bullshit that comes out this fools mouth. This idiot is a liar and anyone that would beleive anything this guy says should kill themselves.

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Kain814734d ago

that they have a ultra secret game like Final Fantasy 7 or something like that. If this come true than Sony would sell more than 13 mio. units in his fisical Year 2007.
I would say one thing to this Rumor Final Fantasy 7 for Playstation 3: A Hope? No...a CHANCE!!!

whoelse4734d ago

So home beta will be Q1 of next year... :(

Meus Renaissance4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Yeah I can't believe it. Home Beta confirmed to be first quarter for 2008. I think Sony always knew this would take time but had to announce something to get the media buzzing about the platform. But I'm personally not fussed, when I see it I'll judge it on first impressions so they must get this right.

PimpHandHappy4734d ago

all those questions sound very gloom and doom just like all other Sony related storys

all the proof you need that the media is always looking for the negative when it comes to the PS3

ok im going to read it

whoelse4734d ago

The first few questions turns into a mini argument.

Real Gambler4734d ago

No matter how much they hate the PS3 (it's not the first time such type of "news" is taken from that BLOG), this article would never have been printed in a newspaper. Any editor would have killed that story on the spot because the newspaper would loose all credibility.

On the other side, everything is allowed in a blog. So, it's kind of sad when a "reporter" use is newspaper title, to get an interview with a president and CEO of a company, just to ask such biased questions.

Luckily, Tretton is awesome at answering those stupid questions. Again, he did pretty well. It's still sad some people can hate a console that much.

PimpHandHappy4734d ago

and yea

that guy doing the interview sounds like a 360 polesitter

Jack is a smart man thou and no MS crony can match his kungfu of words

mboojigga4734d ago

They always do when they are questions needing answers you don't seem to like. It isn't fair it isn't fair. Too much whining for real on a console nobody here should have blind allegiance for. It is not that serious.

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