Puzzler: Guess the fighting-game bonus rounds

Samir Torres: My left thumb takes a serious pounding when I play fighting games (I should get a joystick...I know), so I appreciate breaking up the action with a relaxing bonus stage.

Analyze the following shatterable objects and wild beasts (what the hell?), and name the titles they're from.

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THR1LLHOUSE2477d ago

Do fighting games even do stuff like this much anymore? Seems like it'd be a good way to break up the brevity of modern single-player modes if you threw in a wacky minigame.

SybaRat2477d ago

I always wondered who donated the SFII minigame car. Or if they just picked out one of the spectators.

specialguest2477d ago

1. Kof95
2. Samurai showdown
3. Mike
4. Art of fighting
5. Street fighter 1(own this game on the tg16 cd)
6. Fatal fury??
7. Primal rage
8. World heroes
9. Early 80s game with 2 playable characters. Red suit guy vs white suit guy.
10. Fatal fury 2