HD-DVDs and Blu-rays fail to dominate market

The Miami Herald writes:

"For more than a year, the war has been raging on store shelves, in the media and across the Internet, with each side trying to capture the proverbial hearts and minds of home theater enthusiasts around the world.

This holiday shopping season was expected to be critical in deciding the battle between HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs, which are racing to succeed DVDs as high-definition TV sets become more prevalent. However, because of consumer confusion surrounding the technologies, the war will soldier on.

Introduced in 2006, the Toshiba-backed HD DVD and the Sony-created Blu-ray disc technologies are essentially high-definition versions of regular DVDs. Both offer increased storage capabilities (30 gigabytes and 50 gigabytes respectively), which translates into a sharper, more defined visual and aural experience.

Both formats require high-definition TV sets. But HDTVs are selling rapidly, with an estimated one-quarter of all U.S. households -- 28 million homes -- now owning an HD display. This makes the prospect of a new high-definition video format especially lucrative to movie studios.

But despite aggressive marketing efforts by both camps, neither HD DVD nor Blu-ray discs have penetrated the market as successfully as their respective backers had hoped."

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whoelse4735d ago

Thats why a big company like Warner need to pick sides. That way they can end the format war (if warner go blu) and they will sell more high-def movies in return.

Canidae4735d ago

The numbers don't lie, Blu-Ray is clearly what the people want. All Warner needs to do is just join up with the BDA and we can call this war over, and we can all move on towards HD goodness.

wallace10004735d ago

I think they are both going to exist together. Right now neither (relatively speaking) have sold many players or movies. Both sides have a lot of money invested so i don't think they are just going to stop producing their format. I think all movie studios should go neutral then no early adopters will be screwed over.

tk4735d ago

So Blu Ray outsells HD-DVD titles from 70% to 30% and 90% to 10% ... the media says it is not dominating...

Then the HD-DVD stand alone players outsells Blu Ray by 60% to 40% not counting PS3's, still looses on titles - but the media is ready to announce HD-DVD the winner...

Bottom line... Blu Ray dominate the market. HD-DVD is hanging on by the barest of threads. It is over... no media waffle is going to change it.

Cherchez La Ghost4735d ago

Read the article very carefully. Blu-Ray (nor HD-DVD) is not dominating nothing. For months, people post graphs and percentages about Blu-Ray this and Blu-Ray that. But where are the numbers?!! So if I had "X" amount of Hi-Def Disc and Blu-Ray outsells HD-DVD, but still has not seen a increase over time to start climbing towards DVD9 sales, you call that victory?!! The total combination of Blu-Ray movies sold from day 1 to present is still under a blockbuster DVD9 sales in opening week. For all you fanboys, instead of posting percentages and graph charts, go find actual numbers and do some math. Matter of fact, combine HD-DVD numbers with Blu-Ray numbers and see what type of results you get. Both formats have a long way to go. Your slander, bicthing , crying, and towards HD-DVD is not working at all. Warner Brothers said they are not going exclusive with Blu-Ray. They're making money from HD-DVD, Blu-Ray & DVD9 sales (which is smart).

tk4735d ago

Blu Ray is already dominating - and we are talking HD sales - not standard DVD. Standard DVD will be around for another 5 years minimum. But the format that be standard from DVD is Blu Ray. Not asking for exclusives. Check all my posts. I never asked for any publisher to be exclusive to either format.

Simple fact is that PS3 swung the sales in favor of Blu Ray - and the trend will continue. What I said is that the media tends to try and paint anything PS3 or Blu Ray negative, and anything HD-DVD positive. Like the laughable statement that HD-DVD image is better. That was hilarious. The same file on two different disks - yet they claim the one is better quality. The two formats give exactly the same quality playback - because the files are digital. Like the thing where some wondered if the gold plated HDMI cables will give better quality than the normal ones. It can not - it is not an analogue signal - it is digital. It will either work or not. The same with the disk formats. It is the same file on both. The only difference is Blu Ray can have bigger files, transfer the data faster - and about the faster part I am not so certain - because the reader can be 2x 4x 20x etc. So the transfer speed is just the minimum spec. Which leaves us with the space - and that is the only thing. More space is good. Anyone arguing differently is a moron. Give me a Terabyte disk and I would support that.

The only other factor is the coating. After all the FUD about how Blu Ray will damage easily etc etc - it was proven that the coating is causing Blu Ray to be more reliable. Just go to the second hand game stores. Hell - I take a PS3 game without checking the disk - and the store owner confirms it - the Blu Ray disks just don't get damaged. The XB360 - and PS2 rentals, well - you better check - and second hand is really taking chances - and they confirm it. But this can not really be an exclusive plus for Blu Ray permanently - because it is just a coating. The rest of the market can (and should) adopt it.

Lucreto4735d ago

It will be slow but it will change. VHS sold more in the same time period when DVD was first released. It is just we need new technology other than a new player but with the studios help by reducing the amount of DVDs they produce they can move to a HD format.

mboojigga4735d ago


Your bragging about small sales in comparision. Neither is actually winning and it sholdn't be expected until the market share for hi-def goes up. Get educated.

actas1234735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Ok. put yourself in a position where you don't own either format. Now, you just bought an HDTV and want to get an HD player, which one would you choose? So its a tough question, even though it appears that Blue Ray is dominating, still, many people out there still think HD DVD has a chance. So, Instead of confusing consumers Hollywood studios should have decided on a single format some time ago. This would have eliminated this whole thing... But, its not too late.. and lets hope that the top execs at time warner won't get bribed easily by Toshiba, because if they do, then its us the consumers that will be screwed.

Cherchez La Ghost4735d ago

But it still dosen't change the facts. Do you think that the average consumer knows about storage space, load time, transfer speed?!! Hell No!!! Fact is that Blu-Ray & HD-DVD numbers are slightly increasing. Us a gamers and having knowledge about this, 80% of consumers don't know about this and they may not care for this infomation in this present time. They want to watch movies in Hi-Def, that's it!!! No storage data, transfer speeds and all of that crap that's not doing nothing for both formats at this time. Hell, fanboys screaming that 1080i is not true HD and majority of the homes have 480p/720p/1080i HDTV's. Unless you have some tech knoweledge, people don't give a crap about spec's. If they did, sales would be better and one of these formats whould have died sometime ago.

DJ4735d ago

They always managed to get scratched. My PS3 Discs/Blu-ray movies though are spotless! They still look brand new. I can also confirm that the PS3 has an insanely good disc drive because two PS2 titles that were really choppy and didn't always work properly due to scratches run flawlessly on my PS3. Same goes with some music CDs that my PC doesn't read.

Durabis was a vital addition to Blu-ray, though I'm surprised the HD-DVD camp didn't try to license it. Or maybe they did and TDK just said "Nuh-uh"

Snukadaman4735d ago

blu ray selling a piddling 160k of pirates this week is a prime example of not dominating...when regular dvd sells 8 million. Until either format sells more then a million in one week we will have this format war fighting over crumbs. once the war between blu-ray and hd-dvd is over...say 1-2 years...then the real war begins for blu-ray with regular dvd....does sony have the stamina. oh before you start crying..yes i understand one format is dominating another in the hi def...unlike some fanboys on here, i am rooted in reality.

godofthunder104735d ago

i don't care who wins but i'm tired of hearing br fans saying that br won already,hell even sony said that right now it's a stale mate.the truth is that all the people that keep saying that br is better then hd dvd is because they own a ps3.if sony would've put hd dvd in the ps3 then the same people would be saying that hd dvd is better and br sux even when they are the same damn thing.
br fans think that the sales of br disc is what wins a war but they are far from reality.the truth is that not only sales of movies but stand alone players to and what the future looks like.
br fans keep saying that br is better ,well i like to no how because they both have 1080p,and now they are both on 31gb disc(hell we don't even need all that space for a movie).the truth is that hd dvd was the better of the 2 because it had more extras and was already internet iteractive.
when sony released the ps3 it wasn't even 100% hurried up and put it in the ps3 so they could get more br players in homes because they new that if they didn't then hd dvd will win because they would even have enough br players in homes to make a difference and movie companies would've went to hd dvd because it's cheaper to make,hell sony wasn't even worried about gaming all they were worried about was sony is updateing the br disc to do the same as hd dvd discs been doing since it was released and now all the stand alone br players like the ones that people paid $600 to a $1000 for will be useless because sony already admitted that they want be able to play the new br disc.
all i was hearing from br fans before is that no one even watch the extras on the hd dvd disc,all they watch is the movie,well if that's true then why do the majority of people pay up to $8 more for a 2 disc set with more extras on it then the single disc set with less extrs on it and why is it that sony is even updateing their br disc so they could have a lot more extras on it.if it was true what the br fans were saying then it would be useless for sony to upgrade br disc and they wouldn't even do it.
the truth is that the war is far from over and if br and hd dvd don't have a better year this year then they both will lose because they can't keep loseing money year after year because neither one have a endless bank account and on top of that they have a new disc that's coming out at the end of next year and it's suppose to be better then both of them and they are suppose to be about the same price as dvds and the players are suppose to be cheaper to.

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pornflakes4735d ago

Nothing is over. Money rules the world.
MS and Toshiba will pay LOT of money to keep Warner.

PStriple7034735d ago

blu ray dominates hd dvd!

TheXgamerLive4735d ago

But, since sony has put BR players in every ps3 model that's why there's a temporary increase in BR sales, however by end of march 08 you'll see so many HD-DVD players sold that HD-DVD will become the preferred players choice, however I think both will ultimately fail w/in the next 3 years as Digital Distribution will become the norm.

It's already being done on a smaller scale.

Lucreto4735d ago

Less of 10% of people in my country have broadband and what we go is slow. It takes over an hour and a half or longer to download 1 gig. How long will it take to download 40 gig movie.

I will still go for a hard copy over digital distribution.

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