Sony, Samsung dominate Blu-ray set-top sales

Despite new offerings from companies like Panasonic and LG, Sony captured 60% of Blu-ray stand-alone player sales for the week ending November 24th (which includes Black Friday sales data). Coming in second was Samsung with 37% followed by Panasonic with 5% of total sales.

Both Panasonic and Samsung have made great strides in the past few weeks in order to boost their share of the market. Samsung has heavily discounted their BD-P1400 player (which can now be found for under $300) while Panasonic has introduced the first BD Profile v1.1 player, the DMP-BD30, which is able to playback picture-in-picture extras.

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bootsielon4876d ago

If not, then that's impressive and surpising considering Samsung's discount.

vgn244876d ago

That's hilarious!. That's like saying Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, and Chrysler combine to dominate car sales.

How many people even make Blu Ray players? lmfao.

"Helicopters and Planes dominate forms of flight"

The Brave 14876d ago

thats a dumb ass point.About 5 companies make blu ray players.Thats like saying Wii is number 1 but only 3 companies make consoles stupid idiot!

FamilyGuy4876d ago

It is indeed pointless since there are so few Blu-ray player making companies.