Must Tri Harder: Even Nvidia Tri-SLI isn't enough for Crysis - James Morris, 13 Dec 2007:

"What are we to make of a game that is too intensive for even the fastest graphics platforms on the planet? German website PC Games Hardware has managed to get its hands on an early sample of Nvidia's Tri-SLI. And, amazingly, even a trio of Nvidia Geforce 8800 Ultras isn't enough to play Crysis at maximum quality settings at HD resolution. Is Crysis too demanding for any hardware currently available?"

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Charlie26884737d ago

Oh boy I hope "King Eric" wont read this!! this will even further invalidate his post o.O!

In another more positive and more liar-free view of things...What will it take to tame the beast that is Crysis? WHAT!!! O.O!

sloth4urluv4736d ago

everyone makes this game out like its impossible to run.

It runs just fine @1280x1024 4xAA and high settings (DX9 high) at around 30 or 40 something fps.

I only have a single 8800GTS(640MB), 2GB DDR1 ram, and a AMD X2 4400 (2.2ghz)

I know the processor im using is bottlenecking my system, and the game still runs fine.

JsonHenry4736d ago

Dude, I have a system almost identical to yours and I can run the game at similar settings. Actually, I can run the game at that resolution with the hacked config files so that it runs in DX10 mode and it runs just fine.

What are these guys wanting? 300 Frames Per Sec?

NRG4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

They're talking about running the game in "HD" resolution. By computer standards, that's resolutions like 1920x1440 and 2560x1600. Those resolutions will smack up pretty much any computer in any game when 16x FSAA and 16x AF is applied. Not to mention three videos cards is almost useless today, even for Crysis. The third GPU probably isn't being utilized, as it's brand new, and just makes more work for the CPU. Normal SLI could almost yield slightly better fps for now.

Charlie26884736d ago

@sloth4urluv: I run the game at 1680x1050 with everything at max on DX9 (I can turn some DX10 stuff and don't suffer from such huge performance drop) and get 30-35fps I think I could get and extra fps if I update the new NVIDIA drivers (the beta ones) and I have a Core 2 Duo E6850 3.00GHz the same 8800GTS640MB Supercloacked and 4GB of DDR2 RAM

I was talking about running everything on DX10 on HD res and full settings, cuz hell even the GS Crysis hardware guide they said that they had currently NOTHING that could run the game fine on MAX setting

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gEnKiE4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Makes you wonder what the Crytek team used to even make this game....They had to test the game didnt they?

Bathyj4736d ago

Maybe Crysis should have been made for consoles. At least then they can push their limits but its a stable platform with only one configuration. It might not be as pretty as it is now but at least everyone could run it.

Jen5en4736d ago

Crysis was made for future PC's, and to show off CryEngine 2. Of course, there'll always be those liars who claim that their PC "run Crysis in 2500x1600 with 16 x AA, and everything on very high with 120 fps", but they can't fool anyone.

Perhaps in 1-2 years, some rigs will do that, but for now we'll have to turn the graphics way down in order to have a somewhat steady framerate... and that's not why we bought Crysis in the first place.

gta_cb4736d ago

im not saying PC gaming is wrong, but this is a reason i dont do ALL of my gaming on it. i like consoles as you only have to buy it once then all the games work on it :)

i for one will have to wait for a year or 2 before i can even think of going 3X SLI so i doubt i will be playing this game for a long time as i want to be amazed at the graphics

Strife Lives4736d ago

This game sucks. Go on people.tell me you dont need a 5 thousand dollar pc to run it on max.thats what I always hear people say here. Heres ur answer. How much do you need invested into a pc to run it on max? How bout ? ? ? ? dollars. Meh. I'd rather play Halo 3,COD 4, killzone 2 etc. Gameplay is better than Crysis is my opinion,but, I also feel more comfortable on a couch with a 360 controler in my hand with my girlfriend and looking at a HD tv.

Lotto4736d ago

Rofl okay dude this game is game is really the only next gen game out there if you ask me. it has great gfx and awesome gameplay. Its really one of the best fps games I have played in a few years also the editor rocks. I love how you say halo 3 and cod 4 have better gameplay but you haven't even played crysis have you ? also saying killzone 2 has better gameplay is just so damn stupid the game isn't even out. Oh and regarding running crysis you don't need such a high end system you can run it really well on a none sli computer with must stuff on high and 1,280 x 720 and with no AA but does that really matter ? it still looks better then any game out there with those settings.

BTW cod 5 got MUCH better gameplay and gfx then crysis and halo3!!!!

NRG4736d ago

A girl? Sitting and watching you play video games? That's either a lie or that relationship isn't going to last. :p

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