PlayStation Vita Launch Campaign Hits UK Retailers

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has announced the arrival of PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) demo pods at retailers throughout the UK. All six hundred branches of GAME and gameStation stores nationwide now house a playable PS Vita console.

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MySwordIsHeavenly3163d ago


You have literally 20 days before this thing comes out in America...

And yet, nobody even knows it exists.

What the FRICK is your marketing department doing?!?

MasterCornholio3163d ago

They did a much better job marketing their tablets here. In almost every mall there was a lounge type thing where they showed them off. And now look at the Vita they are only showing it off in select FNACS around the country. Sony has to do a much better job with creating public awareness of the device. I can guarantee you that once I'm playing the device on the metro a lot of people are going to stare at it and wonder if its a new PSP model.


GribbleGrunger3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

i want to see an advert that introduces the phrase: 'where's my Vita!'. it would start with a father coming home and searching the room. he'd then shout out, 'where's my Vita' and it would cut to his wife hiding in the bathroom playing a game. you could have several adverts using the same family.

'Where's my Vita!'

remember i said it first!!! :)

NeloAnjelo3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

I spoke to my local Gamestation's manager who confirmed this last week.

I see pods for the 3DS everywhere in stores but none for the Vita. So I just asked the guy... Where are the Vita Pods!!?? This is good news. A lot of people think that the Vita is just another version of the PSP, rather than a whole new console. This gives them an opportunity to try it for themselves. I got a shot of one in store before they were on display! I cannot wait for this thing!