TGS and X06 via Live

Don't worry if you won't be making it to the Tokyo Game Show or X06, Microsoft is bringing the shows to you via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Releasing demos and movies of E3 2006 to the Xbox Live audience was greatly appreciated by gamers and so Microsoft is planning to do the same for the Tokyo Game Show and the European X06 event. Xbox 360 owners will be able to check out demos, trailers and news from the show floors via Xbox Live.

The coverage starts tomorrow (Wednesday) and continues until Friday September 29th, during which time gamers can enjoy highlights from the events of the TGS from Hapan and X06 in Barcelona. According to Microsoft, much of the content will only be available until September 29th, so you'd better download it sharpish.

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Ravenator5295856d ago

This is what makes "Live" so great! The content is unbelievable and most of the movies and game trailers are in HD.

Balance5855d ago

the other great thing about live is that they usually post things in smaller sizes and then also in 720P, that way if you want to see what it is you can download it quicker with the smaller file but if it is a game trailer you want to see in the best quality you have that option also.