Dragon’s Dogma: Online Pawn Rental

360 Magazine: “Every day the player can sit and enjoy that fact that somewhere out there, someone is borrowing their pawn.”

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Dailynch4557d ago

This should replace Skyrim and Amalur nicely. When I've finished them, of course.

Biglet4557d ago

I love the idea of letting someone else play with members of my party, then having them returned with knowledge that can help my in my adventure.

Idonthatejustcreate4556d ago

IMHO it's a shitty idea.

How about actually adding true online Co-op to games after you've beat them once?

Unlockable multiplayer.


Dragon's Dogma Is Still Amazing

Although the sequel is on the near horizon, the original Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen remains a fantastic action RPG, still worth playing.

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jznrpg142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

A lot of the quest lines in Skyrim are good(not all and they don’t add up as a whole if you do thieves guild mage fighters guild etc) The dragons are very lame after the first few times and the combat is clunky as it always has been. The stupid sprint button is ridiculous.

Overall I agree DD is the better rpg game.

Both have theirs strengths and weaknesses but Skyrim should be so much more being the 5th game in Elder Scrolls series.

Excited to see what they add on to DD 2.

Unfortunately all they have done to Elder Scrolls since Morrowind is take things out (minus the sprint button which is so lame because you can kill dragon god like creatures but can’t run for more than ten seconds without getting tired)

anast141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I liked the vampire questline and the return to Morrowind was okay, but the problem with Skyrim was the lack of consequence. There is almost no point in the quests. After I realized this, I started messing around with the mods and then quit playing. Though, I did spend 300 hrs. on modded content, but this is telling of how bad the game kind of is.

If DD was the size or close to the size of Skyrim, It would have been the primer fantasy game back then. I hope they up the size with DD2.


5 Games To Play While Waiting For Dragon's Dogma II

Daman Shelley from NoobFeed writes - Dragon's Dogma is truly a one-of-a-kind game, and there really is no other game like it, but there are a few that come close. Whether with their fantasy settings, the ability to climb mountains, or just with the overall same charm as Capcom’s iconic RPG. Here's a list of games that will hopefully scratch that Dragon's Dogma itch.

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on_line_forever191d ago

every gamer should play this game

gold_drake191d ago

cant wait for it, feb and march are busy busy months ha.

SovereignSnaKe191d ago

I can still hear the title screen music in my head after nearly 12 years. Loved every minute of it.

MrNinosan191d ago

I have no issues filling my time til DD2.
Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Infinite Wealth and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will probably me more than enough.
More terrified I won't be done in time.

DivineHand125191d ago

Try not to burn yourself out before the game releases. This is going to be a long and immersive RPG like the first one.

The games in this article are all great and I believe the people who are excited for Dragons Dogma 2 probably already played most of those games.

For now, I recommend you prepare yourself for long play sessions if you will be picking up Dragons Dogma at launch.

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Dragon’s Dogma has hit its highest player count in 6 years, following sequel news and discount

Dragon’s Dogma achieved its highest concurrent player count in over six years over the weekend.

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Father__Merrin765d ago

Excellent game spoilt by grindy combat and no fastbtravel the stones travel system was rubbish

lcslick765d ago

I'm doing my part to contribute to this. Found out my pawn had been a busy bee while I was away.

drizzom765d ago

Thats awesome. More people should enjoy this game.

HyperMoused765d ago

when i found this game i loved it and played the hell out of it, got to the demon in the expansion and after feeling pretty good at the game he wiped the floor with me, fatigue set in, but i need to get back into this i think, looking forward to 2 for sure.

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