November NPDs: Sony's Reaction

Poor Sony. For all their efforts and good work in getting the PS3's price down, getting the PSP more attractive and getting quality games like Uncharted onto the market, sometimes they just can't catch a break.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Reporter: What Your Reaction To These Recent NDP Numbers?

Sony: Look At Our Line-Up For 2008

Reporter:(Looks At 2008 Line-Up) Oh.......

Sony: That`s Right.

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------------------------ - ------------------------------ - --------------------

360s REAL Reaction.

Reporter: Have You Seen The NPD Numbers This Month?

MS: Yes, Thank God. Thank God Brainwashing Works.

Reporter: What?

MS: Um, Nothing.

Reporter: So Whats On Going On, On 360 In 2008?

MS: Um......Nothing, Were All Going To Be To Busy Playing PS3.

_____________________________ ______________________________ _ ______________________________ _ ______________________________ _ ____________________


Look At Bladestar.

Not a OZ of originality in his veins.
Damn MS got you guys GOOD.


I just figured it out.

RROD is the Brainwashing mechanism

The Blinking Red Lights Activates The BOTS like in IROBOT.

crazy250004735d ago

thats all i can say....bubbles for u =)

TwissT4735d ago

Lol couldn't have said it better myself.

Bladestar4735d ago

1 Year ago....

Reporter: What Your Reaction To These Recent NDP Numbers?

Sony: Look At Our Line-Up For 2007

Reporter:(Looks At 2007 Line-Up) Oh.......

Sony: That`s Right.

One Year later....

Lair, Encharted... NPD poor sales....

Reporter: What Your Reaction To These Recent NDP Numbers?

Sony: Look At Our Line-Up For 2008

Reporter:(Looks At 2008 Line-Up) Oh.......

Sony: That`s Right.

Another year later....

Reporter: What Your Reaction To These Recent NDP Numbers?

Sony: Look At Our Line-Up For 2009

Reporter:(Looks At 2009 Line-Up) Oh.......

Sony: That`s Right.

..... and on.. and on... and on... year by year..

Blademask4735d ago

I'm sorry, Who said anything about the 2007 lineup?

If I recall correctly everything good was delayed to 08 early on in 07.

To troll correctly:

Its always been about WAITING for Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo5, Final Fantasy, and Tekken.

Thats what the "wait beyond" logic is from.

None of those titles were to come out in 07 for anyone to say "LOOK AT OUR 07 Lineup"

You could insert a standard "Lair Failure" response, it should be in your anti-ps3 logbook.

Just keeping you honest.


Ri0tSquad4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

made me laugh.

hahaha so did bladestars.

BigPappaPump4735d ago

You definately earn a bubble friend.

AllroundGamer4735d ago

lol bubble from me too :D

and to Mr.Bubble, bubble away for that lame try to be funny...

WilliamRLBaker4735d ago

negative vote for you anego, and why...because you sully the name of a great character from a great movie and....
year ahead all the great 2008 360 games:)

whoelse4735d ago

This month, Sony are doing alot better compared to competition than last month. Even if they are still behind. They are slowly creeping up.

socomnick4735d ago

Sony is in a bad situation its gonna be in third place this gen but thats not all that bad. Look at Nintendo its been in last place for 2 gen and look at them now.

TANOD4735d ago

super answer

That BLADE BOT is totally sahmeless. He can see that x360 is losing all over the world except Na yet he argues in x360s favour

Delusional Xbot

lawman11084735d ago

EVERYTHING is wait,wait,wait. Delay,delay, delay. Wait for 2008,wait until Lair comes out wait until Uncharted comes out wait until R&C comes out Lair = TURD, R&C and Uncharted sales = POOR at best. Oh and Anego, click here this is just for you.

TANOD4735d ago

Those are the biggest games of this gen and all of them are ps3 exclusive and all of them are coming to ps3 in 2008

Thats right 2008

Oh BTW theres another big Mass effect killer ---WARDEVIL at 1080p and is a ps3 exclusive too

Bubble Buddy4735d ago

2008 seems like an interesting year...

ReBurn4735d ago

I remember when they were all coming in 2007. I guess we'll see which ones make it in 2008 and which ones don't.

FirstknighT4735d ago

Bladestar for the win on that one!!!! LMAO!!!

godofthunder104734d ago

you talk about microsoft brainwashing people but you better look at sony,hell they said that sony fans will buy a ps3 even if it didn't have any games and they were right.
you also open your mouth about the rrod even when microsoft gave every one a 3 year warrinty and they are replaceing the chips in the new systems so they want over heat and that's more then sony ever did.when sony came out with the ps1 and 2 they had defective hard drive and when you put a game in it it would say can't read disc even if it was a new system and game,i had to buy 5 of them in less then a year and a half because of it,it wasn't in the 30% like microsoft but it was in the fixed the problem within the first 2 years in the console life span and i'll also admit that sony got it right with the ps3 the first time but it took them 3 generation of ps to do it.i'm not saying that every one had problems with their ps but every one isn't having problems with their 360 either,hell i bought mine at launch and i never had 1 problem with be fair ,next time you talk about the 360 and the rrod(it's been fixed)you need to mention the ps 1 and 2 when they had problems with them instead of acting like the ps never had any trouble because you are just a hypercrit if you don't.
you also talk about how the ps3 has all kinds of games coming out next year and the ps3 games will out sell the 360 games.hell sony and ps3 fans said that same thing the first time in 2007 not 2008 like Blademask said,he told one 360 fan he needs to get his fact straight,he said that the first time that ps3 fans said that good games were coming out on the ps3 was 2008 not 2007 like the 360 fan said but he needs to get his facts straight and admit he was wrong they said that in 2007 so instead of trolling he needs to get his facts straight.they said wait to lair,warhawk,rc and uncharted come out,hell one person was braging about it selling 400,000,sony was even disappointed with the sell of the and ps3 fans was bragging about how the ps3 was going to out sell the 360 this month but like every thing else they said it didn't come true but sony is doing what they are good at spinning news in their favor,hell every company spin bad news into good news.
ps3 fans keep saying that the 360 want have any good games in 2008,well only 2 things can make them say that,first they must have been hideing or they just don't want to admit the line up of games the 360 will have in 2008.well i'm going to list some of them not all and i'm not listing xbox live games like ps3 fans list the psn games.

1-dark messiah of might and magic
2-halo wars
3-Kingdom Under Fire™: Circle of Doom
4-Lost Odyssey
5-Ninja Gaiden® 2
6-Too Human™
7-splinter cell conviction
10-house of dead
12-Infinite Undiscovery
13-All Points Bulletin
15-Project Offset
16-banjo kazooie
17-Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures
18-Beautiful Katamari
19-Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
21-Ancient World Online
22-Dead Island

and for any one to say that not one of them is a good game is just a fanboy who will never admit the truth about the other console.
360 fans want admit that they want or any games are good on the ps3 but i will.hell i wish that kllzone2,god of war 3 and some other games were on the 360 because i will buy them because i think that they are awsom games but i don't like games like r and c because it's just to childish for me and the metal gear games because i played them before and i don't like them and i don't care for things like home because it's really useless.
ps3 fans want admit that they want or any games are good on the 360 but they will buy might and magic,elvon and others to but i know that the 360 have games they don't like to because i don't like some to.
what i'm trying to say is that ps3 and 360 fans that critisize the other system is childish.they know that they want some games from the other system but they still lie and say that all the games sux just because it's an exclusive to the other system.
the ps3 fans keep talking about the 360 and the rrod and it's true but microsoft gave every one a 3 year warrinty and they changed the chips in the new systems and 3 years is half the 360 life span because microsoft already said that it will last about 6 years.6 years is about all a console can last and still have the best tecnology in them,i know that sony said that the ps3 will last 10 years and their is no way that it will last that long,hell a repersentive of sony already admitted that they are working on the ps4 already.i'm not saying that the ps3 want be around for 10 years but they will have a ps4 befor but they will still sell the ps3 like they are doing with the ps2 and 3 right now.
ps3 and 360 fans needs to face the truth about both consoles,

1-they are both real good systems and not one of them is junk like some people claims.

2-the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some thing better then the 360.

3-they both have good games coming out next year

4-the graphics are the same on both systems .

5-they both are trying to do good thing to both consoles.

6-the ps3 isn't better then the 360 and the 360 isn't better then the ps3.

i don't like sony and i'm not going to buy a ps3 but just because i don't like them i'm not going to lie about them just so i could get people to buy the i admitted before the ps3 is a good system with good games but the 360 is a good system with good games to and one isn't better then the other and it's about time that people admit it instead of acting like they own sony or microsoft and lie about the system they don't like.
i know that ps3 fans and 360 fans will disagree with me but tell me why you disagree instead of just doing it because every thing that i mention is the truth and i'm not taking up for any one of them.i admitted that the ps3 doesn't have any problems with it and the few that it has is to few to even mention,the 360 had problems but microsoft is fixing them and they both have good games coming out.i said that ps3 isn't doing better then the 360 and so far it isn't but i admit that it might later on but the 360 will still be here.ps3 and 360 fans better start getting alone because neither system is going any where they will both be here for a long time and i mean long.

4734d ago
socsca4734d ago

Haha, Bladestar won that one. Funny fanboys.

CyberSentinel4734d ago

Q: "...the DS sold more than the PS2, PS3 and PSP combined. If you're Sony, then, how do you put a positive spin on all that?"

A: With Lies.

Blind Lemmings, Sony Means "LIES" In Japanese.

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PimpHandHappy4735d ago

I love the tone im seeing today on here...The 360 camp must have nothing to play or something. I guess they all beat ME and now they need to have the fill of bashing

Is that really a reaction by Sony? I didnt see it


the only thing poor on here is the fruitcups that are also dressed in fanboy skirts

smell the fear or is that burning circuits!! I told my buddy anything over 3 hours on his 360 and it might melt

ok here you go ppl because this is the part the 360 crowds is circle jerking over

Those hardware percentages don't really cover up the fact the PS3 placed dead last. And in November, too, the most important retail month of the year. Nor was highlighting three multiplatform titles, all of whose sales were trounced by comparative performances on the 360 or Wii, probably the best idea. We'd have played up the continued improvement of the PSP rather than the continued pasting the PS3 seems to be getting, but hey, nobody's asking us.

So is he saying it placed dead last in NA or is he saying its dead last in install base. Because both are mute points when u add in WW sales and the head start MS got with there faulty 360

N4Flamers4735d ago

Since they were talking about the month of November WW sales show the 360 trashed the ps3 in every week except the second one. Thats not talking about the 100% larger install base thats just sales. In case you have trouble deciphering what I wrote like I did your post I mean the PS3 has 7 mil the 360 14. I know the 360 is such a terrible machine it's still outselling yours and makes you angry, but this article is just to piss people off.

peksi4734d ago

"I know the 360 is such a terrible machine it's still outselling yours and makes you angry"

He's not selling his console unless he's got several of them ;)

Let's say you've got a hmm... LG television. Do you get pissed if Samsung outsells LG? (If you do then get the *** out of this planet)

There's no reason to get pissed if a company selling a product sells less than another company unless you're an owner or employee... or a fanboy to that brand, which I still don't understand. Stop being idiots, please.

I know I'm fighting windmills here, just had to let it out.

PimpHandHappy4735d ago

with the American crowd

whats it like to be brainwashed by a money hat holding a shinny coin

socsca4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Its awesome.

(ask stupid questions, get stupid answers dumbass)

Xbrainer4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

you must be french

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

PS3 Limps on and on4735d ago

It's a big month and they closed the gap they were getting outsold by.

But people just want it to take over overnight or it's a failure. That's the way it always is.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

are you bi-polar?

or is this a joke to you?


disagrees on questions?

PS3 Limps on and on4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Why do I have to be bi polar? Can't I just be nuetral and say the F*cken truth?

Compared to how PS3 was doing, it did well in November. Is that too hard to understand? Im not saying that because I'm a fanboy, it's just the f*cken truth.

Next year PS3 could have a great year, again I'm not a fanboy it's just the F*cken truth, I'm looking at the hype of some of the games it has.

I still think 360 will win the console war, it's the best console for gamers. It's got a larger install base and great attach rates. third party publishers will lead develop for 360 and the games will be the best versions avaliable. Again, I'm not an XBOX 360 fanboy just saying the truth.

360 is the best console for gamers so it's the best console for me.

I'm not bi polar, just saying the truth.

As far as the disagrees, people are just stupid. I can't say PS3 did okay and it could have a big year next year because I get tons of disagrees? Easy up on the 360 juice. Disagree if you want, you're still wrong.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4735d ago

Your Neutral?


PS3 Limps On And On (Thats Pretty Neutral)

WilliamRLBaker4735d ago

you post nothing but dribble. ignore.

TANOD4735d ago

This PS3 limps on and on is a totally shameless Guys .

He is an XBOT who claims himself to be neutral

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PimpHandHappy4735d ago

he hits disagree in his own attempt at having his voice heard

shame his voice sounds like a 12yr girl