Working Rant: 5 Things We Learned from Gaming This Year

Jordan Williams of writes, "Now that 2007 is almost gone, what did we learn from Gaming this year? You'd be surprised."

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Gaystation 34736d ago

Portal may only be a few hours long but it is still bigger than Heavenly Sword, which is crap.

lynx1halo4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

now see I want to play portal....and The original Team Fortress is my FAVORITE online shooter.....but im still not sure if I want to get this for my PS3.....ive heard to much negative


....I believe thats what i'll do as I currently own COD4....and after playing that ..I wont settle for anything of less quality

P4KY B4736d ago

And get COD4 for your PS3. Its way better than TF2.