PlayStation 3 Launch's Top Selling Games

Next-Gen has predicted the top 20 games that will define Sony's PlayStation 3 in its first six months of life including estimated sales numbers and analysis...

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clayton5850d ago

Nothing special, even their so called halo killer looks like crap and probably has crappy gameplay. I feel sorry for anyone who spends $600 for a POS3.

Microsoft Master5850d ago

PS3 is just a Blu-station. So many people will be bitterly disappointed, i feel sorry for them...

Phytonadione5850d ago

Where's the Mahjong game? This list is bogus. Anyone that thinks that Mahjong (probably at 1080p and running at 120fps) will sell less than 10 million is an idiot. Mahjong rules!

Silent5850d ago

With all the exclusive that MS has gotten, still the people are waiting on PS3. Plus its sounds better when you say "I have a PS3". I know my butt is getting one, so Sony better have one for me.