Wii is "Like Selling Make-Up to Men" Says Iwata

In an interview with Bloomberg he said, "We want to appeal to mothers who don't want consoles in their living rooms, and to the elderly and to young women. It's a challenge, like trying to sell cosmetics to men.''

Iwata added, "If we can do this, the Wii could break all the boundaries in terms of user rates for game consoles. We are not battling Sony or Microsoft. Our enemy is consumer indifference to games.''

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calderra5856d ago

Heh. Going to work in the morning means lots of first-type posts, apparently. The Wii is "like selling make-up to men"? Couldn't agree less.

It's more like trying to sell a new candy to humans. It's cheap, it's pretty, it's got an interesting flavor, and it's just plain chic.

The problem is whether or not people are hungry and don't want to spoil their meals (PS3, 360) rather than indulging in a little candy (Wii).

Islandkiwi5855d ago

Iwata's talking about the difficulty of getting women and the elderly interested in a game console. He said it's like getting men interested in makeup.

What they need to realize is that gaming is a community that grows with age. Younger gamers become older gamers.

LiquifiedArt5855d ago

I AGREE Completely to the headline. That and NinFanatics.

bilal5855d ago

i could not have said better that my self about wii.

Bishop5855d ago

I was an NES baby back in the mid to late 80's and unfortunatly as I have aged Nintendo hasn't. I still purchased a GameCube even though I almost never played it and I will still procur a Wii but in the end I will play my other consoles more then my Nintendo brand console.

BlindPublic5855d ago

So what if men buy make-up. What is he trying to say?

ChickeyCantor5855d ago

ok you just sounded really stupid!
read it all and you would understand