IGN: Warmonger - Operation: Downtown Destruction Impressions and Screens

If you find yourself with nothing to play this holiday season, which you really shouldn't considering how many high quality games have come out in the last few months, you might stumble upon a downloadable game with the unfortunate name of Warmonger: Operation Downtown Destruction. It's a simple arena FPS with five very similar maps, a handful of weapons, and is more tech demo than game. The only thing particularly interesting aspect of it is the ability to blow apart walls with grenades and rockets.

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Skerj4737d ago

Dude if you don't have the ageia card don't even bother.

Mycococo4737d ago

it should be a cool homebrew for the psp but i wasnt excited about what i saw from the pc version. nad i know it wont look like this on psp so no one say anything stupid