Electronic Arts reports skyrocketing sales in record financial quarter

Electronic Arts has reported that the publisher has enjoyed its biggest financial quarter in almost 8 years, and attributes it to its wildly successful digital distribution revenue, as well as income from some of its stalwart franchises.

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JonahFalcon2452d ago

Kind of appropriate with the The Old Republic and all...

BiggsnWedge2451d ago

Yet they still cry that piracy is killing them.. how typical

BrutallyBlunt2451d ago

Piracy is hurting everyone, not just EA.

h311rais3r2451d ago

If they were never going to buy it hurts no one. They still bring in millions upon millions each year. Piracy is a tiny issue. Nothing to lose sleep over.

Forbidden_Darkness2451d ago

@h311rais3r: That is honestly the most BS excuse ever. If they were never going to buy it, what gives them the damn right to beable to play it honestly? What if everyone decided they werent going to buy it?

Soldierone2451d ago


I won't say that pirates deserve to play games like that, as they don't. However I agree with Hellraiser.

These guys never plan to purchase the game, and if you take away the pirate options they simply WONT PLAY THE GAME. Yes one or two out of every 100 might, but these companies over exaggerate everything and think they are losing "millions to billions of dollars." They are not. Its not lost profits, because the profits were never there. It's not like actual gamers randomly go "why buy it? I can steal it!"

ZippyZapper2451d ago

Fact is

Music, film, tv, and games industries all cry about piracy, then post record profits each year.

They cry because they can't get every last dime from everyone. This is why people don't take them serious when they cry foul.

Soldierone2451d ago

What makes matters worse is when bands that are trying to get popular give away their music commonly, or sell it dirt cheap, because the profits are not in the music sales. The profits are in concert tickets, merchandise, and things the bands do themselves.

the only people that cry about music sales are the distribution companies that take every penny they possibly can for doing nothing before handing the rest to the band.

fooxy2451d ago

PIRACY IS KILLING USS ! Must use online pass for single and multiplayer games arrrrr ! :D

susanto12282451d ago

I'm glad it's not me fueling this monstrosity the rest of you who are enjoy your subpar rushed games with that stupid "origin" program.

Pandamobile2451d ago

EA published lots of good/great games last year :l

sikbeta2451d ago

lol Steam fanboys already crying XD

DaveMan2451d ago

Without ea this industry would be a quarter of what it is today.

ZippyZapper2451d ago

EA does publish good games. I said publish because they realy don't make games.

Visceral Games
even Valve

Pandamobile2449d ago

DICE, Bioware and Visceral ARE EA.

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