IGN: PlayStation Vita Hardware/Software Sales Improving

Japanese sales figures for both hardware and software are now in for the week ranging from January 23rd to January 29th. And while things aren't looking great for Sony in terms of PlayStation Vita sales (or even good, for that matter), sales have improved. Not only did PlayStation Vita sell more during this week than the previous week, but a new Vita release is also near the top of the software charts.

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MultiConsoleGamer3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

On one hand I'll say it's too early to call this a comeback, on the other hand I'll say people who claimed the PSV was "doomed" or "DOA" were jumping the gun with their predictions of doom and gloom. (Michael Pachter and pretty much everyone on NeoGAF, I'm looking at you.)

Struggling or not, PSV has already moved 500k at $250/$300 a pop. That's just in one country. Once this thing gets a Monster Hunter title that will carry it in Japan for years to come. And Europe was always a strong market for PSP, so Vita is bound to do well in that region. So all that's left is North America.

When Vita arrives in the US, will it win out over tablets, mobile and the 3DS? You tell me...

Bundi3164d ago

It sold pretty much the same as it did 2 weeks ago. This week's boost can be attributed to the new Tales game.
Now that expectations of been tweaked, 18k for a newly released console is now an "improvement," even though just 2 weeks ago it was horrible.
I'd hold up on those predictions about the other regions if I were you, lest you end up celebrating prematurely like these guys:

GribbleGrunger3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

boy it's going to a fun year remembering your name. Bundi...Bundi...Bundi... lest i forget. I HATE GLOATING more than any other fanboy activity. i'd advise you to open another account my friend and call yourself mud

jukins3164d ago

umm it sold more than the previous week that is an improvment.... It's obvious that the sales reflect the software available. really wish people could make these comments with common sense and reality in mind.

ABizzel13164d ago

The Vita wasn't going to sell well in Japan, because pretty much every launch title is geared towards western audiences.

As I said before it was even released or launch titles were shown, the Vita should have launched in the states first then Japan. The PSP was still doing good in Japan and now they've given it competition by launching the successor (unfortunately there's no Japanese games for Japan to play).

Vita should have launched with Monster Hunter if they wanted a huge jump start in sales.

ronin4life3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Actually, from what I've seen him/her post in the past this comment is rather conservative and rational.

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darthv723164d ago

Is that capcom's answer to pokemon?

Never played one... so am I really missing out on something here or what?

I do have to wonder though. There have been lots of people talking about how this game can turn things around. Then again, are those saying it really that interested in the game (genuinely) or are they just using that as a way to hope for better vita sales?

I seriously hope the vita does well but I am not one to proclaim the success of something rests on a single game. It would be the sum of its parts.

GribbleGrunger3164d ago

agreed. Monster Hunter would definitely boost the sales of the Vita, but to rely on one game would be silly. i couldn't possibly comment on how successful the Vita will be either, just that i'm sure it will be at least as successful as the PSP (which isn't bad). getting hung up on the whole race idea is pointless at this juncture too. the 3DS has a 15 million lead and that isn't going to disappear quickly regardless of whether the Vita outsells it... if it ever does.

brettyd3164d ago

Its a really popular franchise in Japan.

ronin4life3164d ago

Monster hunter only carried the psp because the only way to play it was on the psp.
A vita MH will push systems, but don't expect nearly the same effect now that gamers have multiple platform choices.

wingman32x3164d ago

I think that the Vita will close the gap Nintendo has... but a gap will still be there.

I don't think Sony needs to beat out anything. The 3DS and Vita are completely different in terms of hardware, software, and philosophy. Which is why I think this handheld console war is retarded.

If I were Sony, I wouldn't AIM to dethrone Nintendo. I would focus on making the Vita the best it can be, give it great software support, and continue carving its place in the market.

Those are my thoughts. I'm a Nintendo fan BTW, so my posts about topics like these will be admittedly slanted a bit. I really want the Vita to do well, though. Having a tech saavy alternative should draw even more business for handheld gaming.

iceman063164d ago

I completely agree. Sony needs to remain aggressive in dealing with the Vita. However, they don't need to dethrone Nintendo. All that they really need to do is keep increasing their share in the market like Microsoft has done. There are plenty of gaming dollars to go around between these two handhelds. Competition is good for these gaming businesses, but great for us consumers.

GraveLord3164d ago

Mobile and Tablets aren't competing with 3DS and Vita.
Tablets are competing with laptops.
Mobile is iOS vs. Android.

If you really want someone to answer the question, mobile wins easily.

BrutallyBlunt3164d ago

@ MultiConsoleGamer

How ironic you call Micheal Pachter and those on NeoGAF doom and gloomers, why, because unlike this forum they are not Sony fanboys?

Michael Pachter is an analyst, it's his job to predict the market. Tell me, what job do the vast majority here on N4G hold other than promoting Sony products?

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smashcrashbash3164d ago

Gravity Daze, Ragnarok Odyssey and Disgaea should increase sales even more. A MH game will give it more power

ziggurcat3164d ago

b-b-but... i thought the vita was *doomed*? /s

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