Official PS3 Commecial Features Final Fantasy XIII

Everybody was wow'ed by the new Final Fantasy trailers, right? Well, Sony's hoping that the magic will spread to the general populace. The new TV ads airing in Japan feature footage from Square Enix's upcoming PS3 exclusive RPG. This is a smart move to remind people that the game is coming, and is exclusive to the PS3. The commercial itself is for a new service called PLAYSTATION TV, a VOD service which allows PS3 owners to check out the newest PS-related content on their systems.

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solar4737d ago

japanese commercials are teh weird. all i saw was feet and 4 seconds of footage.

HeartlesskizZ4737d ago

I agree with you...I was also trying to jump and see what was going on!!!

HeartlesskizZ4737d ago

I hate that I have to play this game in order to know the story my self... is because I don't like having to press attack and the AI does it for me...But I do love the top epic story it contains..very touchy 2 =D

I have to rent this game if I manage to beat it in one week

xplosneer4737d ago

Nice spelling "Commecial"

That aside, it seems a bit odd they are advertising so early.

Skerj4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

No it's not odd at all, these days advertising means everything for games. Building up buzz for a year will do nothing but good for all parties involved. Considering the sources we're already guaranteed a good game to begin with.

KidMakeshift4737d ago

Not as odd as the Playstation 9 commercials they ran for the PS2

Skerj4737d ago

Hahaha dude I was the manager of an EB back then and had a guy come in saying "Man I can't wait for that Playstation 9" and I was like "are you freaking serious? that was fake dude" and he goes "but when it comes out it's going to be the sh--" and I'm like "yes, in 2079"

KidMakeshift4736d ago

What would the Xbox be by then? The Xbox 5,328. Wouldn't PS9 be out by 2035?

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40cal4737d ago

Will drive hardware sales. I would like to see a spot made for the U.S. with FFXIII as the feture.

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The story is too old to be commented.