New Lost Odyssey Gameplay and Bossfight Videos

Gamersyde: "Quite a lot of people have contacted us to get more videos of Lost Odyssey, and as promised here they are. The first one available now shows the direct continuation of the previous one, with at least 2 more to come, including the first boss.

Update: First boss fight video added".

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socomnick4735d ago

First day purchase for me I love the music and the gameplay reminds me of FFVII so much. I actually am looking forward to the hours of cg. :)

INehalemEXI4735d ago

I look forward to it too. Will take the edge off waiting for FF13 and Versus.

wageslave4735d ago

I'll be preordering this game. Just stunning.

I knew MS was making the coup of this generation by getting Sakaguchi-san producing new properties.

I cant wait, GotY 2008?

ddamaged14735d ago

lol plus we all know people in america love sci fi games LoL