Resident Evil 6 demo timed exclusive for Xbox over PS3 a ‘strategic business decision’

Exclusive comment from Capcom: "This was a strategic business decision." The RE 6 demo will hit Xbox 360 two months before PlayStation 3. Is Capcom pulling an Activision in order to embrace a larger audience?

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thedude444071d ago

you see, why not make actual exclusive games instead of doing stupid things like this microsoft?

Why o why4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )


From exclusive games to timed exclusive games to timed dlc to timed demos....what next;)

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34071d ago

That'll sting for 2 months...if you don't have 360 ;)

LOGICWINS4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

@Wraith- Something tells me that the people complaining about this are people who don't have 360s...and therefore have to wait two months to play the demo.

I don't know how this thread turned into a rant about how Microsoft lacks exclusives. If you owned a 360 and you were THAT angry about a lack of exclusives, then you would have bought a PS3 or invested in a gaming PC YEARS ago.

@fluffydelusions- If you have all consoles, then you have nothing to complain about. The purpose of the timed demo is

1) To create another justification to buy a 360 over a PS3 in the early summer months.

2) To give Microsoft an early edge in advertising an AAA multiplatform game.

If you think thats stupid, then you don't know much about marketing. RE5 sold more on the PS3, Microsoft wants to change that with RE6. Having a timed demo is the first step.

"Yeah, the sting of buying Dragon's Dogma will suck for 360 owners."

You just made yourself sound very bitter with that comment.

fluffydelusions4071d ago

@LOGICWINS I have all consoles but this is just stupid...a timed demo...cmon really?

yesmynameissumo4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

Yeah, the sting of buying Dragon's Dogma will suck for 360 owners.


I sound like a person who wouldn't pay $60 for Dragon's Dogma to play a demo 2 months early.

"The purpose of the timed demo is

1) To create another justification to buy a 360 over a PS3 in the early summer months."

Yeah, a tidal wave of consumers are going to buy a 360 over a PS3...for the RE6 demo. You need to take your act on the road, that shit was funny!

Diver4071d ago

my not buying resident evil 6 is a strategic business details decision.

Why o why4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Timed anticipation will be next i

@logic, c'mon man, a demo, really, reckon they paid....was that the strategy. Many of us own both consoles so you're right we'll just grab it or whichever comes first but i think you're missin th point. Timed much will that cost....obviously not enough to do anything significant with but thats what this gen is turning into...bragging rights over a timed demo. You're probably right about ms wanting this re to sell more than the ps version as re was born on the ps like many of the current multiplats....Either way its funny. You also mention what may or may not be a risk for MS....Seems like we make too many excuses for them to make more and give less. Xbox is here to stay. None of the 3 are struggling so why shouldnt they take more risks...our main benefit is games NOT their bottom line but If i was a shareholder or whatever Id be mega pleased ith how ms are moving this gen


I stand corrected....add a pinch to my first comment.

darthv724071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

To be fair. It doesnt just happen in games. It happens to movies as well. Movie studios will try to do something exclusive to get people to buy their dvd or bluray.

Or a better example is the retailers that do their little exclusive this or that to try and get sales from other retailers. We have seen the different strategies that retailers use to try and get you to buy the game from them instead of the other guy.

Timed exclusives (be it games or demos) are really just a marketing ploy to entice sales like logic said. If you buy into it then it works. If you dont then no harm no foul.

@outside...I didnt disagree with him. Just saying that similar marketing ideas happen outside the gaming world too.

Also, there have been a few multiplatform games that have tried their hand at exclusive content to sway sales. It doesnt always work though.

Outside_ofthe_Box4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

@why o why

It isn't even about getting a timed demo lol. You have to buy dragon's dogma in order to get the demo early. Microsoft is just trying to increase sales of dragon's dogma. So only those that REALLY want to play the demo early will get to do so and they'll have to do it at the expense of $60.

yesmynameis is actually right. Having a timed demo isn't going to get people to buy the game on the console/ get people to buy the console itself especially if you have to buy another game to play the demo... If this was DLC it would be a different story.

Army_of_Darkness4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

It's ummm.. cheaper than a timed- exclusive game/ or DLC?!?!?
Microsoft, are you getting stingy on your 360 gamers!!?? LMAO!

Solid_Snake374071d ago

Is this a joke? A timed exclusive demo?

sikbeta4071d ago

Dayum! waiting 2 months is way too long :(

badz1494071d ago

instead of getting exclusive contents for the game for itself, they opted for an exclusive DEMO?!

you would think that they would reward buyers with something valuable, like $5 voucher towards RE6 or even exclusive DLC or going the extra mile by giving away exclusive games like what has been done on PS3 with MoH + Frontlines, DS2 + DS Extraction, Portal 2 + PC version for free and BF3 + back to Karkand DLC, but NO! an exclusive DEMO, which will be available for everybody for FREE in 2 months is their choice!

good job! /s

4070d ago
yesmynameissumo4070d ago


The Mortal Kombat demo was tied to PS+ as a benefit of being a PS+ subscriber. There was no "Buy this game and get the demo before the other platform!" garbage. If you're going to try and use that as an example, try not omitting the facts behind it. Why no uproar? For the same reason there's no uproar when Borderlands with all the DLC is discounted to $15 or Back to the Future, Far Cry 2, Tomb Raider Underworld, etc. are free - benefits of being a PS+ subscriber. Hell, exclusive demos is one of PS+'s bullet points.

If the RE6 demo were a XBL Gold benefit, I'm not sure there would be such an outcry. There would be clear reasoning behind it, you have to be a Gold subscriber. Simply positioning the RE6 demo as a timed exclusive b/c a check was written deserves criticism.

4070d ago
bakasora4070d ago

It's ok, maybe I get my PS3 copy used. Or DL it for the PC version. Now that's strategic for me.

gman_moose4070d ago

Just want to bring up the fact that you have to buy a shitty game to play this demo, so.... no one wins.

Hayabusa 1174070d ago


From exclusive games to timed exclusive games to timed dlc to timed demos....what next;)"

...Timed announcements.

Darrius Cole4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I think a lot of people didn't read the article. There is only a two month timed-exclusive for people who buy Dragon's Dogma for 360. If you don't buy Dragon's Dogma then you get the demo at the same time on 360 and PS3.

Who the hell wants to buy Dragon's Dogma? I had never heard of it until I read this article, hence Capcom's "strategic business decision." Capcom needed a way to tie this game to Resident Evil in order to sell it.

This is not about PS3 or 360. This is all about Dragon's Dogma, and Resident Evil is not going to be enough to earn this game decent US sales on any platform.

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LOGICWINS4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Maybe because they know that multiplatform console games as a whole sell more than exclusive console games and they want to make it seem like the 360 is the console of choice for multiplatform games.

Given the popularity of the RE name and the announcement of 6 player co-op, RE6 is already GUARANTEED to sell a few million copies. It makes more sense to invest millions marketing a guaranteed sell than taking a risk on an exclusive IP that 360 owners might not be interested in.

It's a smart move. I just hope that this Microsoft alliance doesn't mean that Capcom is ditching Move support for RE games.

thedude444071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

what about the gamers? who get jack squat from these deals? they get nothing. this is a stupid move from microsoft. they could be giving exclusive games to their fans.

edit 2: so if twilight is guaranteed to sell millions then movies like the hurt locker should not be made because twilight is guaranteed to sell millions?

LOGICWINS4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

"what about the gamers? who make jack squat from these deals? they get nothing. this is a stupid move from microsoft."

They ARE looking out for gamers...the issue here is that they are only looking out for the MAJORITY of gamers. This is understandable.

If Microsoft knows that the majority of 360 gamers buy multiplatform games, then why invest millions to create new IPs(something that only the minority of 360 gamers have been asking for) that 360 owners might not like?

Majority rules.

This is the way businesses have been making decisions since..well, EVER.

Frankly, if your not happy with the 360s library of games, why not get a job and buy a PS3?

Godchild10204071d ago

I agree. I also hope they don't ditch move support. At least patch it in at a later date so it doesn't delay the game on PS3 or both Platforms.

I couldn't care less about waiting 2 months for the Demo, if I was only a single console owner. The PS3 is getting 5 characters that the 360 is not getting. They could get 2 of them at a later date, but that still leaves us three that they will never see. I know SFXT will not sell as well as RE6, but it will sell accordingly and do well in it's own right.

Outside_ofthe_Box4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Oh, no thedude44 you aren't making sense. Didn't you know that 360 gamers have a share in Micorsoft's stock? /s

"They ARE looking at for gamers...the issue here is that they are only looking out for the MAJORITY of gamers. This is understandable."

Don't really get how having the demo first is looking out for the majority of gamers. At the end of the day multiplatform games are on both consoles. Microsoft could not invest a dime in mutiplat games and multiplats would still exist on the 360 console last time I checked...

I agree that Microsoft investing in multiplats is a smart decision on their part, but it doesn't really change anything for 360 gamers. They just get the demo earlier than they would have gotten it had Microsoft not done anything or if you look at it pessimistically they just delayed the PS3 version. Either way it isn't a huge benefit for 360 gamers as it is for Microsoft.

360 exclusives benefits all 360 gamers more than it would hurt them.

LOGICWINS4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

"so if twilight is guaranteed to sell millions then movies like the hurt locker should not be made because twilight is guaranteed to sell millions?"


Bad analogy. I never said that exclusives game shouldn't exist period. I'm saying that if you know that the majority of your audience will buy multiplatform games..then THATS what you should be concentrating on, assuming your using common sense.

360 owners themselves are to blame if they don't have more exclusive titles. They are the ones who WILLINGLY choose to make COD/Madden games record breakers every year. Microsoft is simply giving the majority what they want.

Thats why I have a 360 AND a PS3...I seldom have anything to complain about as a gamer.

SephirothX214071d ago

People think that these companies don't take the reactions of gamer's into account. They have management accountants and financial strategists who use complex technical business finance and management accounting methods to work out what business moves are optimal. These account for the expected fan reactions. Everything translates into money once it has value. Companies who are good to their fans are only being good to their fans because its beneficial. Companies who are not good to some hardcore fans at certain times are doing so because it would be more costly for them financially in the long run if they were.

SilentNegotiator4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

That reasoning is incredibly floppy as to why they would give priority demo access to one system.

RE5 sold more on the ps3 than the 360 (and rated better), so, eh.....what's the logic behind this "move" (deal) again?

It's a "strategic business decision" because it gets them more money from a certain company (Hint: It starts with an "M"). The real strategic move is by that certain company that would prefer that you buy it on THEIR platform.

Godmars2904071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

What you say would make a kind of sense - if we weren't talking about a demo.

Unless they're going to delay the retail release of RE6 on the PS3 this is more about selling more copies of Dragon's Dogma on the 360. Of pointlessly dissing RE fans who are PS3-only owners. There is no reason - unless you're a shallow gamer who has to play a game's demo first - to buy a 360 for either game.

All this is some PR douche on MS's side trying to apply some kind of skewed marketing logic to gaming. Get someone who doesn't own a console who happens to be an RE fan to get the 360 version.

Nevermind that we're over five years into this console cycle and RE5 was released - there is no application of real logic in this instance.

darthv724071d ago

I mean considering that aside from exclusive games themselves. The multiplatform ones are generally so similar that it makes sense for each platform to try and get something on their version that the other wont have. Or wont get for some time after.

Granted this is a demo. But what about those games that arent demos? The full games that have the extra content on them that is not available to the other platform? Batman AA comes to mind. PS3 got the joker levels that would work on the 360 but still to this day have remained exclusive.

That is a perfect example of the same game on both platforms but one getting something to make it appear different than the other. Something to try and drive sales for that version. Namco tried it with SC4 with the whole vader/yoda thing but ultimately made it so both versions could play with both the characters.

Yeah this is a demo but it doesnt take away from the fact that these companies are wanting to find new ways to get people to see their platform as the one to buy the game on. It isnt like the differences between the ps3 and 360 (for multiplat games) are as noticeable as the genesis and snes versions of mortal kombat or street fighter.

MrBeatdown4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )


"It makes more sense to invest millions marketing a guaranteed sell than taking a risk on an exclusive IP that 360 owners might not be interested in."

Bobby Kotick is nodding in approval. Why try something new when you can just throw more money at something that will do just fine without it?

"If Microsoft knows that the majority of 360 gamers buy multiplatform games, then why invest millions to create new IPs(something that only the minority of 360 gamers have been asking for) that 360 owners might not like?

Majority rules."

Seriously, this is your argument? Of course the majority buys multiplatform games. The vast majority of games are multiplatform. That's like McDonalds justifying its focus on the fast food business because the majority of their customers buy fast food. Obviously the bulk of game sales are going to be multiplatform games if the vast majority of the 360's library is made up of multiplatform games.

The fact is, no one game, not even Call of Duty, comes close to selling to the majority.

That's 25 million Black Ops sales across all platforms, as of August 2011. Even if they were all on 360, it's still not enough to say it was sold to the majority of 360 owners.

When it comes to individual games, an exclusive has just as much of a chance to do well as a multiplatform game does on a single platform. Hell, without the potential customers split between platforms, exclusives have the opportunity to do even better, since all multi-console owners have to buy it on 360.

Just look at Halo and Gears. Two games that sell better than the vast majority of multiplatform games on 360, and even better than a lot of multiplatform games across both systems. Two games that were at one point new IPs that weren't "GUARANTEED" to do anywhere near as well as they did, let alone define the Xbox brand for over ten years. Microsoft's never going to come across a moneymaker like Halo or Gears if it's priority is fighting little advertisement battles with Sony over the sales of one multiplatform game, that won't make a bit of difference to customers a month or two after release.

NiKK_4194071d ago

@Logic You act like Microsoft was working to get this demo early or something when all this is is Microsoft making everyone else get it late... How does this help "the majority of gamers?"

Kurt Russell4070d ago

The only people who seemed to peaved to what the xbox does or doesn't have, play Playstation instead... As an xboxer first I couldn't care less, I like what I got. Currently smashing orks in Spacemarine after having finished RAGE... got a few other games I want to play lined up after those (including Sonic which looks fun), so the lack of exclusives hasn't been noticed.

Stop sapping the fun out of gaming by over analysing pointless crap and then rating all games on a scale of 9-10.

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Daver4071d ago

strategic business decision for who? its a demo...

StraightPath4071d ago ShowReplies(5)
BX814071d ago

Sony does the samething to their fanbase. If you have PS+ you get some demos earlier than the regular PS gamers.

colonel1794071d ago

That's completely different. You CHOOSE to be a Playstation Plus member. Also, Sony is rewarding those who pay for it.

In this case, Capcom is choosing to screw PS3 players.

BX814071d ago

You CHOOSE to be a PS3 only owner. I own both consoles and I preffer my 360 over my PS3. I do understand the frustration with timed exclusivity but my point was, let's not act like MS is the only one who does it.

BlackTar1874071d ago

BX81 i'm just going to say i don't agree with your logic.

Outside_ofthe_Box4071d ago

I don't really think PS3 gamers care that the 360 is getting it earlier. PS+ is a perfect example. Regular PSN members don't really care that PS+ members get access to content first because they know that they'll eventually get it.

GearsOfWar4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

"That's completely different. You CHOOSE to be a Playstation Plus member. Also, Sony is rewarding those who pay for it."

Okay, how is this "completely different"?

Using your logic:

You CHOOSE to buy Dragon's Dogma on 360. Also, they are rewarding those who pay for it.

Sound familiar? You people are so blind. Let's all pretend that Sony doesn't do the same thing and then make fun of the Xbox 360 for doing it because we don't like that platform. /s

Over the last few years I've noticed one thing with PS3 owners. They argue without reality in mind.

@BlackTar187, of course you don't agree with his logic. You'd rather agree with colonel179 up there and act like Sony does no wrong and say that it's "completely different".

AtomicGerbil4070d ago


So, by your logic those who purchase Dragon's Dogma on the PS3 should get early access?

Or is that NOW different?

moparful994070d ago

Not the same... Being a plus member is about more then the demos... The demos are a perk of being a plus member but you also get free games, beta access, themes, avatars etc..
Microsoft is telling their audience that if you want to play the re6 demo two months early you have to go buy this crappy game at full retail price... How is that fair? There is no other benefit from buying this game at 60 bucks then the re6 demo.. As a plus subscriber I know my 40 dollars will net me a whoooooole lot more then a two month early access to 1 demo.. Please tell me how that is the same??

GodHandDee4070d ago

I think the biggest issue here is that both console owners already have a condition to get the demo, ie buying Dragon's Dogma. Now it's buy the game and also some of you will have to wait. It's just stupid really

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metsgaming4071d ago

now i have to buy an xbox /s

Really a timed demo ?? SO WHAT !

BillytheAlien4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Honestly when have MS give a crap about Resident Evil or anything other then a FPS.....I'm not surprized that the big explosions, lots of guns and countless amount of action would draw MS attention......RE: Mordern Zombie

I just feel like MS do this, not because they care about the game or the franchise but because it's like "If Sony had it on their system before us now we want it instead of them" makes them look spiteful to be honest.

Theres more RE fans on the PS3 then the Xbox 360

TBM4071d ago

meh who cares i have both consoles and i'll be buying it on ps3 like i did RE5 so me and my friend to play co-op again.

an exclusive demo means nothing to me lol.

WitWolfy4070d ago

I agree! Just watch a 720P running demo of the game then we'll know what to expect!

Plus I think Capcom are probably struggling with the PS3 hardware again. Freaking idiots

dark-hollow4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

"Street fighterX tekken for ps3 get five exclusive characters"
Way to go sony! Sony on a roll lately!

"Timed exclusive (demo) for the xbox"
UGH SO UNFAIR!!! M$ obviously paid them $$$.

Godmars2904071d ago

That actually makes even less sense. More when considering the non-Sony focused characters included.

dark-hollow4071d ago

I always said that exlusive for multiplats is just BS but why its ok if your faviorite platform is getting the lion share?

If you think any exlusive demos/dlc for any multiplats is unfair then just stick to your guns, which obviously isnt the case here.

Ms early mw3 is unfair.
SFXT exlusive non sony characters are unfair too.

banner4071d ago Show
DigitalRaptor4070d ago

Difference there should be as clear as day.

3 of the exclusive characters are Sony-owned. Cannot find that unfair. The other 2 I'm sure were from a deal, but who really wants to play as Pac-man? lol!

AtomicGerbil4070d ago


I think you are missing the point that a lot of people are trying to make. Ok, it's a timed exclusive demo, most people couldn't care less. It's that Microsoft are spending money on Demos, money that could be better spent on Platform exclusives, multiplat feature exclusives, exclusive DLC, anything to make the actual games different from the competition.

I've always been tempted to buy a 360, but not tempted enough and timed exclusive demos are not going to convince me otherwise.

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flyingmunky4071d ago

I only hope that Mircosoft spent more than a million to make this happen. Xbox live sub fees hard at work s/. There are so many things the money could be better spent on.

Philoctetes4071d ago

A timed exclusive demo? Really?


4070d ago
DigitalRaptor4070d ago

Good lord DK, ever heard of PlayStation Plus?

4070d ago
Philoctetes4070d ago

It wouldn't bother me at all if it was exclusive to XBL. I can't speak for all PS3 owners, but the fact that Microsoft has to rely on stuff like this evokes feelings of pity more than anger.

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Jazz41084071d ago Show
geddesmond4071d ago

LMAO strategic business lol. Yep thats really working for yous, that announcement turned my possible purchases of Dragons Dogma, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil OP Racoon city into non existent purchases and now I'm considering buying RE6 as a used game.

Of all the shit Capcom have pulled on PS3 fans worldwide this is by far the worst and for all you people saying its just a demo relax or what ever. RE is my favorite franchise. Think of it as if it was to do with something you love.

Capcoms excuse for Xbox 360 getting exclusive Dead Rising 2 DLC "Xbox fans helped us establish the Dead Rising series with the first Dead Rising so we wanted to reward that" Yep and now this is a business strategy. What excuse next, Its all BS Capcom. Go to hell.

Megaton4071d ago

Microsoft bought the ad rights and all that mess for RE5. They were obviously going to be doing the same thing for 6. Expect it to be demo'd at their E3 presentation.

showtimefolks4071d ago

Its a demo guys, if you don't have a xbox360 you will still be able to play the demo before the game comes out

Its capcom the worst publisher/developer house in gaming right now, launching same game twice a year one with more character than not offering those character as dlc to those who already have the game. Having on disk dlc where you have to pay to unlock. How many different versions of dead rising do we need.

put megaman on hold to make useless sequels

messing up the sequel for lost planet a

Its not MS that i blame for this as much as its capcom's way of doing business this gen

madjedi4071d ago

Yeah i am still waiting for a next gen onimusha or breath of fire game or a kingdom hearts game from se. Both companies are a hallow shell, compared to last gen.

Ms really paid money for a timed demo, wow even a exclusive marketplace game would have been a better option than this laughable timed demo.

Good luck getting ms to investment in 1st party ip's 360 guys, i think you will need all the help you can get.

Jamzluminati4071d ago

Well I will go back to enjoying my TM demo. A exclusive game. You know aboot those right? Lol Riiiight.

SheenuTheLegend4071d ago

Lets Boycott Resident Evil 6
and show them who we are

ZippyZapper4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Funny many here say the 360 is nothing but a shooter box, then cry when the 360 gets shooters first.

Doesn't Sony also get first dibs on some demos, dlc, and games? That's what I thought.

Fact is many "here" are just pissy because they see RE as a Playstation brand.

JokesOnYou4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Sony has had early demos, I don't remember seeing any 360 only owners jumping off a cliff over it, micro gets a demo early and n4g sony folks scream bloody murder, seriously?...over what amounts to barely a small perk for only the most hardcore RE fans. lol' no matter how long between visits to this site its still the same folks always crying about nothing.

4070d ago
4070d ago
OmegaSlayer4070d ago

Lol at marketing division.
You piss off your supporters from 2 gen (PS1 and 2 owners) to appeal to an audience (the CoD one) that Battlefield 3 barely touched and that have prejudices about Japanese games.
Also check the sales of Dark Souls, the 360 audience doesn't give a f' about those kind of games.

Consoldtobots4070d ago

anyone who think's MS does these dick moves to gain a strategic business and not piss off the sony fanbase needs to get their head examined.

yes I think MS is that spiteful.

Chevalier4070d ago

You know what's funny is people here are like, but, you get to play it 2 months earlier! 360 is awesome, but, you know what it's a demo. I have a 360, will I download this? NOPE. Why because in the mean time those 2 months will be used playing you know actual games like mass effect 3, witcher 2, max payne and maybe borderlands if we're lucky. Honestly there will be so much good games already listed coming out, I'm sure there will be ton's of good distractions. Capcom can suck it!