Zelda GC bumped by the Wii

Nintendo's GameCube version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess won't ship concurrently with the launch of the Wii - in America at least.

It has been delayed, but the news isn't all that bad: it will reach the US on December 11 (a fortnight after the Wii's launch). Given that the Wii is launching in the UK on December 8, that would appear to make it a bit touch-and-go as to whether Twilight Princess for the GameCube will make it into the shops in time for Christmas on these shores.

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calderra5853d ago

Anyone wanna revise statements about Nintendo not being in the same camp as Microsoft in the profiteering cirtuit? Anyone? No?

We all know this was going to happen. Don't act surprised.

PS360WII5853d ago

you mean Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo want to make money???!?!! The nerve.

Yes I had to make a point of this seeing that Calderra seemed to forget to put Sony in the profiteering trio. I don't think I saw a Non-Profit Organization anywhere on thier Corp. signs, did you?

ChickeyCantor5853d ago

im getting mine on 8 3 days later the game will be mine....