Next-Gen Games Console Guide: Wii

Nintendo amazed the world when it launched its Wii console. Not only was it going head-to-head with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the PS3, but it offered a new way of interacting with games that had never been seen before.

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Boink4735d ago

wii=kinda fun, NOT next gen.

thisisim4734d ago

How far into this generation are you going to be calling your consoles "next gen"?

LanRanger4734d ago

gen·er·a·tion (je-nə-ˈrā-shən) noun-- b: a group of individuals born and living contemporaneously d: a type or class of objects usually developed from an earlier type. (Merriam Webster's Dictionary)

Regardless of whether you think the innovations in the Wii are significant, it IS a next generation device by definition. The term doesn't have anything to do with technical merits. Now I will be modded down despite being factually correct.

MaximusPrime4735d ago

never own or played Wii. Not interested.

Gamecube was a disaster. Wii with gamecube hardware? no thanks.
I dont even want to wave my arms around.

PS360WII4735d ago

GC was great and I pity those who say it didn't. So many great games you have and never will. Your loss really.

Stop with the Wii isn't next gen fud too. It is part is this generation so deal with it. All 3 have a place in this gen.

ChickeyCantor4734d ago

true, GNC had great games on it too.
and Wii is next gen indeed.

it was a disaster sales wise, if the GNC was a disaster hardwarewise the PS2 was total trash, don't fool yourself.

If the Wii was as strong as the other two it wouldn't matter, they would all claim its kiddy and crap like that.
its like 90% of the gamers are brainless narrowminded idiots.

lynx1halo4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

DEFENDER OF THE Wii GALAXY.....AND ALL THINGS Wii LOL.........look at it this way.......the Wii does not stack up to any of the consoles out there right now ......NOT features.....NOT graphics.....NOT hardware......the only winning area is sales....but its a FAD.....and thats what FADS do ...they sell big.....then drop down the crapper...mark my WORDS

@ LOL lol lol lol "why i step in and defend the Wii" if it were youre child or family member LOL u are a pathetic specimen of a it seems that your Last Gen console Heavily Needs Defending LOL....oh ...and no need to heed any of my words...We'll let the quarterly numbers for next year speak for themselves .....

oh...and ive never heard maddens raiders say the " its sidar" thing, lol but it must have cut you pretty deep for it to stick with you all this time LOLOLOLO

ChickeyCantor4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

just because Madden raiders started the " its sidar" thing doesn't mean you have to follow it you blind sheep XD

Idiots like you don't understand that i couldn't care less if the Wii becomes 3th place. but its because of brainless people like you why i step in and defend the Wii.

ill go play games now if you don't mind, or should i mark more words?

" as if it were you're child or family member LOL u are a pathetic specimen of a man...."

Says the guy who defends his console so much, hypocrite.

" ...We'll let the quarterly numbers for next year speak for themselves "

Again, i do not care if the Wii loses, you pathetic cow.
i defend it because arguments from people like you are shallow about the Wii.

but hey your one bubble speaks for you to i guess.
just STFU.

jinn4734d ago

and it shocked the world when all of it's games look like arcade games.

vilmer4734d ago

Call me old-fashioned, but I'd rather sit and play my games rather than stand in front of the TV waving my arms around. *shrug*

purin4734d ago

you do know that you can sit and play the Wii with a simple flick of the wrist
Don't believe the hype ;)

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