Mortal Kombat Vita gameplay footage shows unexpectedly bad graphics got their hands on Mortal Kombat Vita and shared some gameplay footage.

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Brosy3424d ago

The screen is too small to really tell anything about the graphics.

Cloudberry3424d ago

I like the touch screen fatality.

dp2774073424d ago

I can tell what there talking about. Hopefully it gets a little bit of a touch up but dont get me wrong its one of my favorite games and i'll get it on vita either way.

Parapraxis3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

The articles summary isn't even right. This is a video that NetherRealm did for Gamespot, Gamespot themselves did not get a hands on in this vid.

MaxXAttaxX3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Watching the Raiden vs Shao Kahn fight, it's actually not that bad.

Although it's kinda hard to tell from an off-screen video...
I'm sure it'll be polished by the time it's released.

Colwyn3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

People expect a lot from playstation devices because a precedent was set where playstation games equal amazing graphics. Seeing good graphics on a playstation device isn't enough to a lot of nay sayers or disbelievers because they expect above reality sort of graphics or else playstation games are crap.

I've seen situations where reviewers will focus on rocks in uncharted and deduct points off its ratings because it Isnt as detailed as a lot others

LightofDarkness3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

"nay sayers or disbelievers"

Aye, we must evangelize the unbelievers, DEATH TO THE INFIDELS!!


Seriously, if you've ever wondered why you have two bubbles and your comments are frequently deleted, this is the reason. Sony is not a religion.

Baka-akaB3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

well dont forget rather random outburst like not getting SCV because you'd wait for God of war 4 ? 0_o ?

He sometimes just doesnt make much sense .

Anyway the video got very little to do with the title and the blog itself . it's just one isolated troll

Emilio_Estevez3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I think that is a smart trade off really. Lower graphics, but 60fps. A fighting game especially needs a decent frame rate. And you prolly won't notice the downgrade in graphics as the screen is much smaller.

Sev3424d ago

Agreed. And I wouldn't call the graphics "bad" by any means.

Also, the game is at least a couple of months away from release. NetherRealm still has time for polish and optimization.

Captain Qwark 93424d ago

60fps is nice but more importantly they looked fine to me, they will prob be better to when your not looking at them from a video camera.

more importantly the gameplay seems perfectly intact, looks awesome. if i played mobile games i would def pick this up

Baka-akaB3424d ago

Not getting wich part of it looks bad

Snookies123424d ago

Agreed, the game looks fantastic from what I can tell!

Redempteur3424d ago

video capture resolution was bad maybe ? /s

Baka-akaB3424d ago

even then its looking good and rather similar to the original .

I can't even stand Mortal Kombat (yes i hate it sue me) , and i find it looks good .

The opposite would be surprising anyway , UMVC3 itself pretty much look the same on vita , bare some background animations , and the MK studios are no scrubs .

LightofDarkness3424d ago

But haven't you heard? The Vita is DOOMED! DOOMED I SAY!

And it won't be released in the US! And it's going to be completely outsold by the Virtual Boy! And the SKY IS FALLING! And the government is stealing your water!

Make haste, to the shelters!!

/s (in case you hadn't gathered that much)

megajon3424d ago

The game looks good to me, keep in mind this is more than likely a low resolution port to the Vita from the console versions, so it won't be created from the ground up using the Vita's hardware.

FlashBack3424d ago

The character models, just look at Johnny Cage, then compare to this:

Studio-YaMi3424d ago

yeah Johnny did look washed up,but hey don't forget it's a camera footage,this could be do to pixelation on the camera part.

But if it was poorly design on the developers part,they need to fix it,they got a couple of months to go,they really need to have more details.

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josephayal3424d ago

Looks better than Xbox360 and PS3 Combine

MySwordIsHeavenly3424d ago

It's great to see a fellow farmer on N4G. :)

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