Lollipop Chainsaw Features Music From ‘Jimmy Urine’

From the moment it was first announced, it was clear that Suda51′s cheerleader vs zombies slash ‘em up was going to be heavy in the bat-shit crazy stakes – and now it’s been revealed that the game will be getting appropriately anarchic sonic backing from a man named ‘Jimmy Urine’.

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LoaMcLoa4462d ago

Maybe he will be the voice actor for the punk-boss too :) Seen in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Fatty4462d ago

I'm looking forward to this game; Shadows of the Damned was goofy and entertaining, and this looks like it'll be another slice of insanity.

Venoxn4g4462d ago

Loved other Suda's games, this one looks very good, day1


Suda51 Interview: No More Heroes Creator Talks Shadows of the Damned, Movie Adaptations, & More

Game Rant sits down with No More Heroes creator and Grasshopper founder Suda51.

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Fist4achin23d ago

I would be able n for a shadows of the damned movie. If it could be done in an (older) Evil Dead movie or the series fashion, they might be cooking with fire.


No More Heroes Creator Picks His Top 2 Actors to Play Travis Touchdown in a Movie

Game Rant chats with the creator of No More Heroes about who he would like to see play the role of Travis Touchdown in a live-action adaptation.

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LikAChicken24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Actually Ryan Gosling makes a ton of sense.

Edit: If this can be done in a Scott Pilgrim movie kind of way that would be dope.

rolando12324d ago

The more I think about it, the more I kinda want it to be a thing lol. Ryan Gosling would be awesome. He would need to play it less serious, but he's shown that he can be a goofball.


Lollipop chainsaw now a remaster not a remake

At fans request apparently.

gold_drake190d ago

i wonder if they looked into what a remake would cost and went "NOPE Remaster it is" haha

FreeckyCake189d ago

It probably has to do with what the producer had mentioned recently. The thing about not wanting to change the essence of the original (e.g censorship). So maybe remastering the game was the best choice.

CrimsonWing69189d ago

The link to the story didn’t really answer the question. It makes no sense that you have to censor a remake and not a remaster.

What I got from that article is licensed music forced them to change to a Remake(?) and that they’re working hard with the platform holders to negotiate not censoring, which Sony is stupid about.

My question is, how would a Remaster not have to go through censorship?

I’ve seen dialogue changed in FF7 and Baten Kaitos. Then you have actual cutscenes being removed like in the dmc remaster.

I assume the same could be done to this game.

FreeckyCake189d ago

No idea. That's why I said " maybe ".

CrimsonWing69189d ago

Bull sh*t, you show me where fans wanted a Remaster instead of a Remake. I was more onboard with a Remake, I’m less excited just playing the same game I did before but now with sharper textures and better framerate.

ModsDoBetter189d ago

Probably realised this won't do the numbers so didn't want to invest.

No harm, I love Lollipop Chainsaw but it's a bit of a niche title.

gold_drake189d ago

yeh it was super niche even bk then

LoveSpuds188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Loved it back in the day and have my copy sat on the shelf and ypu are right, it was super niche, which is why my copy is increasing in value slowly but surely. Hoping a remaster doesn't tank the value of my PS3 copy

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