NPD: 1.5 Million PlayStations sold in November

"Hello everyone, the new NPD sales numbers are out, and I wanted to share some new sales stats that have us excited here at PlayStation central.

For the month of November, PlayStation hardware unit sales exceeded 1.5 million units, including close to half-a-million PLAYSTATION 3 consoles. That's means nearly 4 times as many PS3s ended up in North American homes in November than the month before."

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THAMMER14737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Over all SONY did well. But every one else in the console market is doing better.


I wonder if CRIPPLING DEATH will report this article lame? I bet he wont.

Lucreto4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Unfortunately PS3 came third again but hopefully things will improve next year.

1.5 million total in the US is still good though.

Its funny PS3 hold all three positions in the three main markets.

PS3 is leading in Europe, second in Japan and third in US

unlimited4737d ago

Japan the 360 is dead last barely pushing any units.. the ps3 in the other hand is doing great in Europe, US and Japan..

Maddens Raiders4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

you can't handle the truth little kid. Maybe you should go play your 3fixme so that this GOOD Ps3 news doesn't affect your emotions so much -- oh's in Texas for repairs...oops, sorry. Where are your emotions today ninnyhammer?....Meh..just a thought - don't wanna go all "Doctor Phil on ya" LOL

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

The Killer4737d ago

i wonder if the gain they get from ps2 and psp covers the loses for ps3!

WilliamRLBaker4737d ago

ps3 is leading in europe? nope thats wii....

Wii is leading in america, Japan, and Europe....infact Wii Is outselling both 360 and ps3 in every single region, and last I checked with the UK alone 360 is outselling the ps3...
So yeah...ps3 is 2nd only in japan and every other region its in

cr33ping_death4737d ago

crippling death is the best you got????

DeadIIIRed4737d ago

Since when does the UK account for the entire continent of Europe? Ignorant man, really ignorant.

Anyways who cares? This whole thing is pretty stupid. With the exception of a few exclusives, we're all playing the same games. 360 does have a larger user base, but the PS3 is following right in its path. I'm also sure a lot of you on here will agree the Wii is much too over hyped. So what if Microsoft owns this generation (only marginally if at all)? Nothing lasts forever, (Atari, Nintendo). Just play your games and quit fighting like a bunch of school yard b*tches.

socomnick4737d ago

@Maddens Yo dude what happened m8 you used to be cool and make intelligent comments. It was fun because of all the sony fans on this site you used to actually back your arguments with facts instead of just saying a list of stuff thats coming out years from now. From that post above you sounded like nasim a bit just a troll. :(

Maddens Raiders4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

socom, I should just recognize hammer for what he really is. A _______ ________. Ok, that feels better. I guess if I don't have anything good to say, then I won't say it at all. Now, please go tell some of your m8s the exact same thing. 8D

In all, this is good news for the PlayStation family and most _______ hate it. Hence the large trail of barf on this thread. That's the truth and you know it.

socomnick4737d ago

Yea some of the Xbox fans and sony fans are out of control but my theory is that a lot of them are 12 year olds so its understandable. Madden dont let their comments get to ya :) Yo madden If you ever get some extra funds I recommend you purchase a Xbox 360 m8 you might be surprised and actually like it. If you do ill look foward to whooping on you on xbox live :P

Kleptic4737d ago

all 3 companies are doing fine...I don't understand how some people get so upset about this stuff...but w/e..

and to WilliamRLBaker...the 360 outselling the 360 in UK?...ok...but thats like a sony fan barking about the PS3 outselling the 360 in 20 of the 50 states in the US...and overall still selling less...

the 360 is being outsold by both other consoles in Europe...thats Europe overall...the PS3 is still being outsold overall worldwide though by the none of it one should be bragging about any of it except Nintendo fans...


I mostly agree, but check your facts, I think PS3 outsold 360 worldwide... Unless you are talking total sales, then shame on me.

Anyway, people care too much on sales figures, I just want Metal Gear Solid 4 here now and figure that Final Fantasy XIII can't come soon enough... Really, I don't give a **** who sold more in the 32th week of 2011 or which game is in the top 17 game sells of the month. If games are coming, I'm fine, and think most people are too (even if they don't realise it).

colony4736d ago

uh..... UK isn't EVERY country in Europe you know... tard

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Gordii4737d ago

Time to put your boots on because the xbox fans are gonna come on and talk some Sh!T. I must say I was never a fan of burnout but this demo that i got yesterday i am def. picking up the game.
I smell a flame war brewing again.
PSN ID: Gordii

GaMr-4737d ago

Dammnnn Kids... hate it or love it but that Playstation(R) Brand is here to stay. Everyone is doing better if you compare there performance to how they usual stack up against a Sony machine then yeah they should rejoice. But no one comes close to Sony @ there best. Which isnt were they are now. Out of the big 3 I would be the most worried about the company who has yet to turn a positive profit since they entered the console game. Step it up playaz..that big bank account won't last forever.

Honeal2g4737d ago

i honestly think that people will never admit when sony is being put up to a good challenge... what i mean is people are so blinded by sony's superiorety (that a complement for all you 13 year old fanboys) that the possibilty of them being overthrown or out matched is not even an option and thats understandable but not realistic. Its true that sony has been a dominant force but that does not mean it cant change and the way i see it is, they will overall succeed but not to the extent that they did in the past, 120 million ps3's? unlikey and if so i believe for every ps3 sold there will be a 360 sitting right next to it, regardless of the country with the exception of japan. (i still think that if microsoft changed the name of the system to ps3 or wii and slapped nintendo or sony brand on it thats the only way they would sell anything lol...just joking around. anyway i'm being realistic about it and other ppl should open there eyes aswell

Genuine4737d ago

Why not count Windows PC's to MS tally, then compare numbers? The next-gen console war is Wii, 360, and ps3. Not Wii, 360, ps3, ps2, and psp. Ps3 is losing, suck it up, and get used to it.

Sevir044737d ago

it says PSs not PS3s... lol!!! a total combined sales of PS3s ps2s and PSPs... in NA alone. december should be doubled for everyone of those platforms

as i said in another thread. Sony should introduce a new bundle for the 40gig with 2 games versus the stupid movie. and they should be quite alright with NA. EU+UK+AU= 1 million combined, japan=300-400k. so in all if sony take head and do some serious marketing and bundles promoting the 40 and 80gig, in the US they should at least top 1 million. xbox 360 sold 1.8 million at a $400 dollar price point last christmas in NA alone the PS3 is now at that price with heavy marketing of their software and choice bundles they should do well enough to muster the same great effect.

i think Sony will do well, MS and nintendo will be fierce this holiday. doing things like bundles will seriously make the choice that much more easier.

Honeal2g4737d ago

anyway ..i think sony needs to make a backwards compatible 40gb, i think that is all they need to do and the sales would sky rocket, i told some of my friends about it and we were all gonna buy one then we find out it doesnt play ps2 games so we all decided to wait, i just get that feelin alot of ppl are doin the same

nomad1174737d ago

^_^ well thats good to know I'm going back to play some call of duty 4 ownage online

Rice4737d ago

ummmmm, same here but when i get ut3, bye bye COD4. I think