Gaming systems flying-off-the-shelves

For those who aren't video game savvy, it's pronounced "wee."
Video games and consoles are among the leading must-have, flying-off-the-shelves items this holiday, in the Coachella Valley and everywhere else.

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wiizy4739d ago

nintendo just get enough systems to the u.s so you can trash the competition

HarryEtTubMan4739d ago

who are you talking to? Nintedo? Sorry buddy but it wont be this wat much longer...

Bubble Buddy4738d ago

Nintendo might sell the most consoles, but doesn't mean it is selling the most games, usually the games sold are kiddy games or Nintendo made games

xxspaceMonkeyxx4738d ago

Agreed. I own a Wii and a 360. I only buy the odd gimmick type game for my Wii (that the wife usually plays from time to time). I buy all the proper games ie GOW, ME, PGR4 etc for my 360. It's very rare for me to want to spend my money on a Wii game unless it's Mario Galaxy or a big hitter like that, when I could buy a game for the 360 and play it to death rather than the odd time when i fancy it on the Wii.

jinn4738d ago

videogame industry on the rise